February 01, 2009 | Glenn Clark

15 get props, 7 were lucky, and there was a total ZERO. Yes, I’ll be discussing at least 23 people in this blog; and that’s still fewer than the number of analysts on NBC’s pre-game show.

Props to you……

1-Georges St. Pierre

You have to credit GSP for a DOMINATING win over BJ Penn at UFC 94 Saturday night. I believe “Rush” is more popular in Montreal than the Expos EVER were.

2-Reggie Holmes (Morgan State) and Michael Harper (Coppin State)

Holmes surpassed 1,000 career points in Morgan’s blowout win over UMES Saturday. Harper scored 21 as the Eagles knocked off Delaware State Saturday. I wouldn’t be stunned if these teams somehow end up facing each other again this season for the MEAC title.

3-Mike Green

Sure, Alex Ovechkin had a pretty good weekend; but so did Mike Green. Green had two points Saturday and four more Sunday (1 goal, 3 assists) as the Caps got big wins over the Wings and Senators.

4-Rafael Nadal

He’s now just a win at the U.S. Open away from the career grand slam; and is undoubtedly the best player in all of tennis with three straight wins over Roger Federer in grand slam finals. He also gave us some ten hours of STELLAR TV watching over the weekend. Thanks Rafa!

5-James Harrison and Santonio Holmes

Don’t really need to explain this, I think. Harrison’s play almost ended the game halfway through. Holmes’ plays ended the game finally in the last 40 seconds. Roethlisberger continued to extend plays; his physical ability is tremendous. But Holmes and Harrison made the plays that won the game. Holmes should have been MVP.

6-Jonathan Squibb

Wing Bowl

Any competition that looks like this at the end is a winner in my book; and this guy was the winner of a winning competition. (Does that even make sense?) Squibb ate 203 wings to win WIP Philadelphia’s annual Wing Bowl in front of 20,000 people at the Wachovia Center. God bless America.

7-Mo Williams and Daniel Gibson

If LeBron James is going to get over the hump and win a NBA title this season; it’s because of his upgraded supporting cast. Williams has been a HUGE upgrade; which has helped the Cavs all season. He and Gibson put together their own personal 15-2 with James on the bench Sunday in helping the Cavs to a win over the Pistons.

8-Talor Battle

It’s not easy to beat Michigan State in East Lansing; but getting 29 points from your star will help. Penn State pulled the Top 10 stunner in the Big Ten Sunday; and Battle was the biggest reason why.

9-Tommy Morrison

Controversy appears to surround him as he tries to make a comeback; but no opponent has slowed him down yet. The former heavyweight champion absolutely demolished Corey Williams in Laramie, Wyoming Saturday night. I love this line from the recap……”One ringside observer thought that the spectacular KO may have required a coroner rather than a ringside physician.” Great line.

10-Lindsey Vonn

I don’t know much about skiing; but apparently what she’s doing is pretty good. She won the Super G on Sunday; and I’ve always wanted to be a “Super G” winner. She’s also winning whatever the skiing season competition is; and that is probably pretty good too. Overall; she’s American, and will hopefully win a bunch of medals in next year’s Olympics. Wherever they are. Did I convince you of how cool she is just yet?

11-Serena Williams

She’s number 1 again; and is again a winner at the Australian Open. She’s pretty freaking good.

12-Jerel McNeal

Did anyone notice that Marquette is undefeated in Big East play? McNeal scored 26 and had 11 assists as the Golden Eagles beat Georgetown Saturday; and their head coach Buzz Williams thinks they’re a “really elite” team. He might be right about that.

13-Bruce Smith, Rod Woodson, Derrick Thomas, Ralph Wilson, Bob Hayes, and Randall McDaniel

Should Shannon Sharpe be in? Sure. Should Andre Reed be in? Sure. But are all of the men elected to Pro Football’s Hall of Fame this weekend deserving? Absolutely. Congratulations to all of them.


I really thought THIS was the winner for Super Bowl ads. Very funny.

15-Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Further proof that God loves us and wants the best for us. Should be renamed “Super Bowl Sunday” dip.

Getting lucky……

1-Gary Williams

He was outstanding Saturday night as Maryland beat Miami; and boy did he need it. It was a tough week in College Park; but Gary picked the right time to prove that he is still a hell of a coach. His prize? The Terps take a trip to North Carolina next…..

2-Kenny Perry

Bogeying the 18th with a one stroke lead isn’t normally the preferred way to win a golf tournament. But Perry rallied on the 3rd extra hole to defeat Charley Hoffman and win the FBR Open.

3-Stony Brook Seawolves

A controversial late foul call on Darryl Proctor lead to Stony Brook getting a one point win over UMBC Saturday. Randy Monroe has had a tough time repeating last season’s success with little depth; and tough calls don’t help.

4-People who have been looking for a reason to dislike Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Here’s the dirty little secret. This picture is NOT a big deal. It just isn’t. Michael Phelps did a bong hit. Whoa! He probably did it more than once! You know what else? The guy that caught the game winning touchdown in the Super Bowl has been known to smoke pot, too! But some people are so desirous of hating this guy. Maybe he’s not the greatest human being on the planet; but there’s no reason for everyone’s panties to be this twisted….

5-Iman Shumpert and Georgia Tech

THIS isn’t a great video of Shumpert’s last second game winner; but it’s all I could find. If they don’t beat the Deacons, they might not win an ACC game this season.

6-Steelers Fans


I believe God has decided to allow the Steelers to win Championships. If you lived in Pittsburgh AND your football team sucked; I can’t fathom how suicide wouldn’t creep into your mind every couple of days. Congratulations douchebags; I can’t wait for the Ravens to kick your ass next season. (Oh my god. Did I say “douchebags”? So much for journalistic integrity! If I didn’t mean it; I’d totally edit myself.)


Could there have been ANY more late night TV this weekend? AMAZING tennis; St. Mary’s-Gonzaga on Thursday night; the UFC fight Saturday night; and more. Is there anything better than leaving a sporting event and knowing there are more sports to watch when you get home? Oh yeah; not having to wake up at 5am. That would be better. Damn.

Total ZERO…….

The Winter

So; there’s more snow expected Monday night? Great. Let’s recap my first winter back home since spending the last two winters in Arizona.

I have enjoyed the pleasures of bronchitis and a bacterial infection.

My girlfriend’s 4Runner was stranded on a hill.

It took me 2 hours to make a 30 minute drive on Tuesday night.

I have spent so much money on thermal underwear, thermal undershirts, gloves, PatientFirst trips, airborne, Zpacks, cough syrup, coats, scrapers, hand warmers, vitamin c drops, tissues, orange juice, etc. that I might have to take a second job.

This whole global warming thing is BOGUS.

Talk to you in the morning.