Laughable effort from Colts helps Ravens to 24-10 win

December 11, 2011 | Drew Forrester

In my ten seasons covering Ravens football for WNST, I’ve seen some pretty poor offensive performances from the visiting teams.

But I’ve never seen a more pitiful effort – the actual effort put forth – than the one turned in by the Indianapolis Colts offense on Sunday.

If the league isn’t investigating the Colts, they’re not paying any attention.  Here’s the laundry list as I saw it on Sunday as the Ravens waltzed past Indianapolis, 24-10.

Reggie Wayne — mailed it in

Pierre Garcon — half an effort

Austin Collie — not interested

Donald Brown — didn’t break a sweat

Dan Orlovsky — made Kyle Boller look like a Hall of Famer

It was a junior varsity effort at best from the winless Colts, who clearly aren’t REALLY trying to win football games.  Whether or not that’s an edict from the front office is something we’ll never know, but watching them play in Baltimore revealed an ugly side of the game that you only see when no one on one side of the ball puts forth much effort.

The Colts somehow managed to score a touchdown in the game’s final two minutes, long after the outcome was decided.  The only story from the game was just that — a Colts touchdown on the final play meant the gamblers who took the Ravens minus-17 points wound up a loser.  And that, my friends, is why they build large, gaudy, half-billion hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

Prior to that final drive that netted them their only touchdown, the Indianapolis offense had managed to compile a grand total of 91 yards…for the entire game.  Nope, not a typo.  91 yards in 57 minutes or so.  They then put up 76 yards to move down the field and end the game with a last-second TD, but don’t let that get in the way of the facts.  The Colts offense didn’t try on Sunday.

That the Ravens won the game 24-10 would give some indication that perhaps the game was close.  It was only close until Dan Orlovsky rose from his downtown Baltimore hotel bed on Sunday morning and proclaimed himself fit to play.  The Colts would have been far better off signing Gilligan to play quarterback for them on Sunday.

I understand Peyton Manning is really good.  I’ve seen enough of him to know that the Colts are a vastly different team when #18 is behind center.

But he’s not so good that the Colts can’t win one game without him.

That said, it’s hard enough to win in the league if your team IS trying…let alone when you pack it in and don’t put forth an effort like the Indy offense did on Sunday.

Hopefully these last two weeks against Division III teams like Cleveland and Indianapolis won’t slow the Ravens down next Sunday night in San Diego when they face a real team.

Someone else from will cover the details of Sunday’s win from the Ravens standpoint.  Luke Jones will have some words of wisdom about the greatness of Terrell Suggs, who set a single-season sack record with his 11th, 12th and 13th sacks against the Colts.  Nestor will have video footage from a joyous locker room.

I watched the game, like most of you, and just couldn’t get over how inept the Colts were from start to finish, except for the final drive where they got the bit between their teeth and decided NOT to set the all-time franchise record for least yards gained in a game.

The league should be ashamed.

The Colts should be embarrassed.

And the fans who sat through it, particularly those who eschewed the early departure and stuck it out until the final whistle, should be applauded.

The game was over in the first quarter when the Ravens went up 10-0.

But the real story played itself out all day, where the Colts basically went through the motions on offense to ensure they’d fall to 0-13 in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

Even the old drunk Bob Irsay had to be shaking his head somewhere.