Like The Rest Of You, The 15-7-0 Is Worried For Maryland Against Towson

September 26, 2011 | Glenn Clark

8. Oklahoma State and Texas A&M was just as exciting as I tried telling you it would be

(Shameless plug alert: This is why you should be listening to “The Reality Check” Monday-Friday 2-6pm on AM1570 It’s an incredibly outstanding, incredibly low-rated radio talk program.)

I’m pretty sure this is going to be the difference that puts me over the top against Cris Jacobs from The Bridge in this week’s “Everybody Beats Glenn” showdown. By the way, The Bridge ROCKED Living Classrooms Foundation’s Maritime Magic event Friday night. So did Orgone for that. So did Chippiarelli’s salad, RA sushi, Tealove sangria and literally everything else. Freaking incredible.

At one point in the night I was stuffed with delicious food and booze, listening to The Bridge and looking out at this…

So…how was your Friday night?

9. I would probably have Marcus Lattimore and Kellen Moore 1-2 on my Heisman Trophy ballot right now

Look, Kellen Moore was really good again for Boise State-but they played Tulsa…

Marcus Lattimore and South Carolina played Vanderbilt. This season is just getting silly for the Gamecocks RB…

Come on. This is just plain crazy.

10. Tavaris Jackson defied all odds and won an American football* game

It happened. We of course have to place the asterisk there because it happened in the NFC West. At some point in the future the legality of the victory might be overturned.

11. If the Bucs are really going to turn the corner and make the playoffs, they have to be able to steal games against the Falcons and Saints

There are no highlights available for this one, but I’ll go ahead and try to do it justice. The Buccaneers aren’t spectacular in any ways, but they’re a quality team. They finished just shy of the playoffs a season ago, and need to beat the big dogs to sneak in this year.

So there’s all that. I usually offer a YouTube clip or a picture here, so…anyone interested in buying me this “Baltimore Terrapins” Federal Baseball League t-shirt from for Christmas this year?


12. Robert Griffin III has IMPOSSIBLE numbers. Really. IMPOSSIBLE.

Robert Griffin has completed 70 of 82 passes this season. That’s 12 incompletions. He’s thrown 13 touchdowns (and ran for another). He has 1,129 yards of total offense in three games. You’d know all of that if he didn’t play for Baylor.

Elsewhere in the Big 12 Conference that may or may not exist anymore, look what Oklahoma WR Ryan Broyles found!

13. Packers win. Chargers win. The world just keeps on spinning.

I guess the Chargers game was a little closer than we expected, but this is otherwise exactly what we expected. A note to Norv Turner: no one seems to like you. I’m a Mike Tolbert owner. Get him carries. If you do, you’ll have exactly one fan. Hugs and kisses.

14. Elsewhere in the FCS: David Bennett’s Chanticleers got back on track and Morgan State got back to .500

As you know, David Bennett is the official coach of “The Reality Check.” We ALL want more dogs.

For a second straight week, Morgan State didn’t win pretty-but they won. I know a team in College Park that wishes they could say the same thing.

15. FedEx might be the biggest winner of the NFL season thus far

While Pizza Hut has been trying to convince us that Reggie Bush is a viable…anything…FedEx has given us Eric Gustafson and now AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Auto Repair. You can only hope they have something saved for the Super Bowl…