Ravens defense feasts on Alex Smith and 49ers offense in 16-6 win

November 24, 2011 | Drew Forrester



Believe it or not, I’m actually going to use a line from our resident nutjob Merton in Indianapolis to describe the Thanksgiving night appearance of the big, bad San Francisco 49’ers.

As ol’ Merton would say:  “All bluster and no muster”.

Really?  That’s all the 49’ers had to offer on Thursday night?

Well, so much for Jim Harbaugh’s team being any good.

The Ravens borrowed a page from the book of year’s gone by and simply “managed the game” to a near perfect style, producing a workmanlike 16-6 win over the 49’ers to improve to 8-3 on the year.

And it really WAS that easy.

Sure, it was tied 6-6 heading into the 4th quarter, but this one never really was in doubt because the 49’ers could have kept playing until Barry Bonds is forgiven and they still wouldn’t have mounted a real scoring threat.

Playing without Ray Lewis for a second straight game, Baltimore’s defense unleashed a ferocious attack that had Alex Smith running for his life most of the night.  I’m not sure what Cory Redding and Terrell Suggs had for lunch, but someone should immediately get a shipment of it sent to the Orioles.  It’s been a long time since two defensive players dominated a game like those two did on Thursday night.

Baltimore sacked Smith nine times on the night and with the exception of a first-half TD pass to Ted Ginn that was called back due to a penalty, the only time San Fran saw the end zone was when they ran through it during pre-game warm-ups.  In the match-up of storied defense vs. up-and-coming offense, the guys in black scored a knockout. How much of a rear-beating did Baltimore give their west coast guests?  Well, let’s just say this:  The trainer handling cuts in the 49’ers corner needed a new box of towels at the end of the fight.

The victory essentially erases the woeful display in Seattle a few weeks ago and gives Baltimore continued hope of winning the AFC North and securing either the 1st or 2nd seed in the post-season.  With a layup game coming in 10 days at Cleveland and a visit from the winless Colts the week after, the Ravens can go into glide mode for a few weeks before a pre-Christmas trip to San Diego that promises to get their full attention.

Make no mistake about it:  The fabled Cleat-of-Reality was delivered to San Francisco on Thursday night.  Given the chance to prove their mettle in front of a national TV audience, they were swallowed up whole by a nasty Ravens defense that put together perhaps their best overall performance of the season.


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  1. craig from charles village Says:

    fundamentally great game for the Ravens. NFL Network / commercials …EXCRUTIATING !!!

  2. joe Says:

    LAYUP GAME? Those are exactly the games we tend to lose! STAY FEROCIOUS!

  3. John in Westminster Says:

    If you look at their schedule, they really haven’t played anybody with a great record. Now that Bengals have their act together, I’d love to see them play now. Hopefully, the Niners get plenty of rest for the Steelers when they go West. And Alex Smith is who we thought he was.

    And it seemed like the only thing holding our offense down last night was coaching. 2nd and goal from the 1, why not go right up the gut like we had been doing all night? Also on a 3rd and 1 late in the game, instead of right up the gut we try to get the edge? They couldn’t stop us up the middle.

  4. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    To his credit, Chuck Pagano took responsibility for the defenses’ lapses in recent weeks, declaring that he’d have to be more aggressive. Well, he got his “mojo” back last night with one of the all time great defensive performances in Ravens’ history! Now, let me get this off my chest….Cam Cam-MORON must have the smallest playbook in the NFL, particularly in the “red zone”, where his offense has struggled for years! Fortunately, the team is talented enough to win in spite of, not because of, his coaching. Notwithstanding Harbaugh’s absurd vote of confidence in his play calling last night, at season’s end, this guy must…….go!!!!!

  5. unitastoberry Says:

    Pagano knows how to dial it up on D. Not like Oscar Mattison. How about running a toss or pitch play to Rice? Hey diddle diddle Rice up the middle. Nice win! NO LETDOWNS!

  6. dave hittinger Says:

    They played better without Ray, certainly faster. Big win for so many reasons, they’re in great shape for the last 5 games. I like our Harbaugh but the other one has done a great job and should be considered the front runner for coach of the year.

  7. bobp Says:

    So will the talking heads like Skip Bayless and the other ESPN clowns spin this as the Niners were not prepared or will they actually admit”against their will” that the Ravens outplayed them.

  8. tsnamm Says:

    The national sports media made it seem that the game was decided by a questionable pass interference call. Defensively little credit given, and Offensively the is no confidence in it. While the lack of confidence in the O is somewhat justified, simply saying that Alex Smith isn’t really any good and the Ravens D had nothing to do with the win is cheap.How did SF win 9 games then? No respect.

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