Ravens training camp decision makes sense … but it still hurts a little

December 02, 2011 | Drew Forrester

by hoping beyond hope he could convince the powers-that-be to go back to Westminster.

And sources say the club is very aware and already working hard on a plan to give the fans at least three opportunities to watch a Ravens practice or participate in some sort of team event next August.  Expect those open-to-the-public gatherings to be held at McDaniel, Stevenson University and downtown at M&T Bank Stadium.  One of those events could even be a controlled scrimmage against either the Redskins or Eagles, in fact.

Until those plans are published and we see exactly what the Ravens plan on doing for their fan-base next August, I’ll withhold criticizing them.  I’ve been around the organization enough to know they’ll take the fans into account and do more than enough to satisfy them with a variety of different opportunities next August.

If it comes to pass that they DON’T fulfill their obligation to keep the fans involved during training camp, I’ll clip their wings accordingly.

But I’m sure they’ll make good on their promise to keep the fans happy.

In the meantime, this is all a reasonable decision on their part, made even more simple by the fact that the new CBA effectively eliminates two-a-day-practices and calls for less contact than in previous years.  Why take your entire operation to Westminster for a 2 hour and 45 minute practice session each day?  That’s yet another reason why Owings Mills makes sense now.

For an organization concerned more about winning than anything – including making money – this was the right move.  A team source tells me it probably costs the club roughly $250,000 in “profit” by staying at Owings Mills and not going to McDaniel, but in the end, winning and having the team ready won out over money.

That’s the way it should be, frankly.

I know another team in town that would take the $250,000 first, and wonder how they can win later.

Now, it’s up to the Ravens to make sure they keep the fans involved next August.

If they do that, all’s well that ends well.