Take A Good Look At The 15-7-0, It’s On A Boat!

November 14, 2011 | Glenn Clark

 8. The Arkansas Razorbacks did things Saturday that are particularly difficult to do.

First, here’s Jarius Wright…no he didn’t…

And then here’s Joe Adams…I don’t believe this for a second…

Meanwhile, the Tennessee Volunteers wore COMPLETELY coordinated uniforms for the game. That deserves credit too!

9. The biggest hurdle on the road back to bowl eligibility for Navy has been cleared.

After beating SMU Saturday in Dallas, the Midshipmen are now just two wins (@San Jose State, vs. Army) away from getting bowl eligible after starting the season 2-6…

Hell of a coaching job from Ken Niumatalolo these past couple weeks.

10. If Chris Johnson can keep running the ball, the Tennessee Titans can remain dangerous.

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton said his team’s performance against the Titans Sunday was “embarrassing.” I think that’s a bit of a stretch, but they didn’t look good.

There’s no highlights of this one up on YouTube, so instead I found this picture of Kelli Gillispie, who plays for the Minnesota Valkyrie of the Lingerie Football League and is also a city councilwoman in Mound, Minnesota. There is no relation between these things, but why in the world would you ever care about that?

11. I’d rather not mention this, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are back in first place in the AFC North.

The good news (for fans in Charm City)? Leon Hall is now out for the season for the Cincinnati Bengals and AJ Green is banged up. Of course Green made a hell of a catch before hurting himself…

I heard from a Steelers fan after the Ravens lost on “The Nasty Purple Postgame Show.” The guy somehow forgot his team lost to the Ravens twice this season. I have not. Eff them.

12. Clemson will be in the ACC Championship Game. They could be facing…Virginia???

The Tigers punched their ticket thanks to a dramatic win over Wake Forest, which included a pre-game marriage proposal. Didn’t anyone learn from Ian Johnson at the Fiesta Bowl? Propose AFTER the game!

The most likely scenario is that the Tigers will face Virginia Tech in the title game, but the Cavaliers control their own destiny. That can’t be right, can it?

13. Make fun of Tim Tebow all you want, but the Denver Broncos won again.

2 of 8. 2 of freaking 8. Tim Tebow completed 2 of 8 pass attempts and yet the Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. You really think God doesn’t love him more than he loves the rest of us?

In the loss, Chiefs WR Jon Baldwin…Chiefs WR Jon Baldwin…You know what I’m just going to go ahead and let him explain…

14. Arian Foster is playing a lot like Arian Foster right now.

The Houston Texans RB was the team’s leading rusher AND receiver in their blowout win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers…

Because of that, the Texans are 7-3 and they’re now the hip answer to the question “What is the best team in the AFC?”

The good news is that the Ravens are tied in the loss column and hold a tiebreaker over the Texans. The bad news is that the Texans looked incredible Sunday. The Ravens…not so much.

15. There are always a number of very good signs at ESPN’s College Gameday. I think I might like this one the best though.


Not familiar with the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness? You should be.

The sign was only SLIGHTLY better than the inexplicable appearance of a “Free DJ Adams” sign. Where are you in your life (even if you’re a Terps fan) that you’re doing this?