Take A Good Look At The 15-7-0, It’s On A Boat!

November 14, 2011 | Glenn Clark

7 Not so Positive Observations…

1. Despite the fact that the season is very clearly over, the Maryland Terrapins still have to play two games.

The Terps wandered down to FedEx Field to get trounced by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The game was awful, but hey-at least it took forever!

Terps QB Danny O’Brien broke his arm in the game and will be out for the season. No one likes getting hurt, but if there was ever a time to conveniently miss a couple of games…

2. The Indianapolis Colts are writing a historically new definition to the word “suck.”

Things were so bad in the team’s loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars (they’re 0-10 now) that the Colts actually switched from Curtis Painter to Dan Orlovsky. Yes, THIS Dan Orlovsky…

Also in this game, Maurice Jones-Drew ran for another 114 yards and a TD. That’s like a 64 yard day when converted to “real opposition” numbers.

3. The Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins are desperately trying to replace the St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins as the worst teams in the NFL not named the Colts.

The best thing about a Browns loss to the Rams? Perhaps Mike Polk will produce a follow-up to last week’s video about his frustrations…

The Skins inexplicably thought Rex Grossman would give them a better chance to win football games than John Beck. Apparently Mike Shanahan confused the word “different” with the word “better.”

And here’s Reggie Bush inexplicably scoring another impressive TD for the Fins.

He DOES know he’s Reggie Bush, right?

4. Andrew Luck didn’t clinch the Heisman Trophy. Boise State’s loss doesn’t help Kellen Moore. I’m pretty sure Sam Hollenbach isn’t a candidate.

It would be fair to label Luck’s performance Saturday against the Oregon Ducks as “disappointing.” Stanford’s home loss likely ends the Cardinal’s hopes of a BCS (and even Pac 12) title, but it might not ruin his run for the Heisman…

Kellen Moore is not the reason why the Broncos had THEIR BCS hopes ruined by TCU (I imagine most BSU fans are blaming freshman kicker Dan Goodale), but the loss alone might be enough to knock him out of the Heisman race.

What does this mean? It probably means Alabama RB Trent Richardson is back in the picture and Brandon Weeden has to be discussed as well. I’ll make my “Heisman Watch” list Luck, Moore, Weeden, Richardson this week.

5. The Philadelphia Eagles lost to John Skelton, huh? That’s actually worse than losing to Tavaris Jackson.

Of course, Tavaris Jackson didn’t have Larry Fitzgerald to throw the ball to…

A home loss to the Arizona Cardinals is so embarrassing. Doesn’t Philly know that the secret to beating them is to fall behind by a ton of points and then go hurry-up the rest of the game???

6. Mike Smith can try to explain his decision all week. It was the wrong one.

Seriously…did the Atlanta Falcons coach think his team was on the OTHER 29 yard line???

I get it. The New Orleans Saints have a very capable offense. In fact, it might be one of the most capable offenses in football history. It doesn’t excuse this. This was ridiculous.

The humorous part is that NO ONE on the field for the Atlanta Falcons crossed the line. NO ONE.

7. I know it was a tough weekend for my Perry Hall Gators. You don’t have to tell me again.

I’m well aware that Poly crushed us in the MPSSAA 4A football semis. I’m also well aware that our boys and girls soccer teams lost in the state semifinals. You can stop telling me about it now.

I missed the game Friday night, but I had good reason. I was at Verizon Center in DC watching the Foo Fighters & Bob Mould CRUSH “Dear Rosemary” & Tom Petty’s “Breakdown.” I’m sure you now understand…

And my “oh no” moment of the weekend from outside football…

“Oh no, Mark Turgeon is going to have to turn Maryland around quickly because they MUST become relevant enough to play in a Carrier Classic”

Congratulations to Mark Turgeon on winning his first game since replacing Gary Williams Sunday night at Comcast Center against UNC Wilmington.

I think everyone is pretty happy with what they’ve seen from Turgeon since coming to College Park, including the fact that he told Thyrl Nelson and I Friday on “The Reality Check” that the Terps would be playing a game at 1st Mariner Arena next year (around Christmas). Hopefully it will be a twinbill that also incorporates the return of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

But here’s a little pressure for Turgeon to make a more rapid ascent, as I would give ANYTHING to head to San Diego to watch them play aboard an aircraft carrier.

The game Friday night between North Carolina and Michigan State was so awesome I actually can’t stop looking at the pictures…


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