The 15-7-0 Is Feeling Rather Presidential This Week

November 28, 2011 | Glenn Clark

8. It was probably best for everyone that Wisconsin eliminated Penn State from the Big Ten title hunt.

Given everything going on in the world, I think it’s best that the Nittany Lions won’t be involved with the conference’s inaugural title game. Instead the Badgers will hook up with Michigan State at LucasOil Stadium in Indianapolis, thanks to four TD’s from Montee Ball…

Ball is now just five TD’s behind Barry Sanders’ NCAA record (39) with two games to play. The Lions will almost certainly still be going bowling, but I don’t find it to be much of a problem that they won’t be headed to Indy or the Rose Bowl.

9. Math majors probably STILL enjoy the Big East title situation.

Despite the fact that there are six teams with two or three losses in conference play, somehow only three of them could win the thing and get a BCS berth they don’t deserve. Either Louisville, Cincinnati or West Virginia will apparently get the bid.’s Andrea Adelson explains the scenarios for clinching…


  • West Virginia loss to USF on Thursday night AND a win over UConn on Saturday.


  • Cincinnati loss to UConn.

West Virginia 

  • Win over USF AND Cincinnati win over UConn AND higher rank in BCS standings.

I feel like someone who went to college for these things might do a better job of explaining all of this to me. How about a random girl who attended the South Carolina/Clemson game Saturday?

I totally understand now.

10. Patrick Peterson might one day be a better Devin Hester than Devin Hester.

Beanie Wells ran for about a mile Sunday, but the Arizona Cardinals were playing the St. Louis Rams, so it’s not really all that noteworthy. Patrick Peterson has four return TD’s this season. That IS noteworthy…

But again-Cards/Rams. This isn’t particularly noteworthy at all.

11. The teams that employ Matt Ryan & Carson Palmer were reminded of why they’re happy to employ them Sunday.

The Atlanta Falcons had Ryan, the Minnesota Vikings had rookie Christian Ponder. Even though Ponder wasn’t terrible, which team do you believe had the advantage here?

The Oakland Raiders had Palmer while the Chicago Bears played Caleb Hanie. So…

12. Brady Hoke did something VERY important Saturday.

As far as being the head coach at Michigan is concerned, Hoke couldn’t do anything more significant in his first season than snapping the Wolverines’ losing streak to Ohio State that dated back to 2003…

While the game was happening in Ann Arbor, all Buckeyes supporters were either equally or significantly more concerned about when Urban Meyer’s introductory press conference would happen.

Since we’re here, I figured I’d add this. ESPN has made some great promos over the years. Perhaps none were as great as this…

13. You’ll see a lot of things today. I doubt any will be better than thisexcept maybe this.

First here’s a TD catch made by Marshall WR Aaron Dobson in the team’s win over East Carolina…

And now here’s a Hail Mary TD catch from Boise State QB Kellen Moore to receiver Matt Miller (laying on the ground) in the Broncos’ win over Wyoming…

14. The Washington Redskins & Pittsburgh Steelers won football games Sunday. Now I’ve mentioned it.

So…the Skins went to Seattle and beat a Seahawks team the Ravens lost to earlier in the season? You try to figure out the NFL. In the win, RB Roy Helu treated Roy Lewis…well…basically the same way Marshawn Lynch treated Ray Lewis a few weeks back…

Meanwhile the Pittsburgh Steelers beat Kansas City Chiefs QB Tyler Palko. For some reason it still ACTUALLY counts as a win.

Since all of Baltimore is disappointed in the result, I thought perhaps a photo of Imogen Thomas (Thanks, F Listed!) could help…

15. There is absolutely no reason why I should enjoy this video of Joe Kapp fighting with Angelo Mosca. That being said, I enjoy this video of Joe Kapp fighting Angelo Mosca.

The British Columbia Lions defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Canadian Football League’s 99th Grey Cup Sunday.

Pop quiz. Who won the CFL’s Grey Cup Sunday?

And now I’ve proven that no one either cares or knows anything about the Grey Cup.

That being said, Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca are both really old and got into a fight that was somehow Grey Cup-related. So…enjoy!