The 15-7-0 Might Not Be Statue-Worthy As Of Now, But Give It Time

October 24, 2011 | Glenn Clark

7 Not-So-Positive Observations…

1. I don’t think we’re going to have to worry much about the words “bowl eligible” when it comes to Maryland and Navy.

CJ Brown has a key advantage over me when it comes to Saturday’s trip to Tallahassee…he doesn’t remember it.


Randy Edsall is getting a lot of criticism for the Terps’ performance this season and the overall state of the program. It’s hard to argue that he doesn’t deserve it. This season is an absolute disaster with heath issues (Kenny Tate is officially out for the season by the way), a quarterback controversy and very little (a win over a depleted Miami team and a brutally ugly win over Towson) to show for it.

The big picture isn’t much better this season in Annapolis, as the Midshipmen are now also 2-5 on the season following another heartbreaking loss-this time to East Carolina. (No video available.) Kriss Proctor left the game early, Trey Miller was decent in relief, the Mids were robbed of what appeared to be a late g0-ahead touchdown and Jon Teague missed what would have been the game-tying field goal at the end of regulation.

Too many tough games left to imagine either of these teams overcoming a 2-5 record to get to .500 on the season and reach the postseason.

2. Human beings were forced to observe the Cleveland Browns-Seattle Seahawks “game” Sunday.

I don’t feel bad for the fans in attendance at Cleveland Browns Stadium. They chose to watch this debacle. I feel bad for the officials, employees, media members, etc. who had no choice but to spend three hours of their life this way…


Charlie Whitehurst was terrible and Montario Hardesty had a nice day. There is absolutely no more analysis of this disaster necessary.

3. What do Kyle Boller and I have in common? Neither are acceptable answers as NFL starting quarterbacks.

Yet somehow Carson Palmer was ALMOST as bad as Boller in the Oakland Raiders’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs…


Clearly there is reason to assume Palmer will be better in two weeks when he’s actually had time to look at the playbook before being thrown into a football game, but I didn’t expect him to be as bad as he was Sunday.

I ABSOLUTELY expected Kyle Boller to be as bad as he was Sunday. He’s Kyle freaking Boller.

4. There is no way the following play should have resulted in a Nebraska first down…


…but it did.

This play had little to no impact on Nebraska’s win over Minnesota, but the goofiness surrounding it cannot be ignored.

This play was (legitimately) a legal first down conversion.

Holy hell. (Thanks to SportsGrid for the tip.)

5. The Washington Redskins started John Beck at quarterback. To no one’s surprise, they were not victorious.

This game went EXACTLY how I thought it would go…


They’ll be clamoring for Rex Grossman to start again soon down in DC. It won’t matter. They’re a team that’s just as well signing David Garrard at this point. They don’t have a quarterback.

The Carolina Panthers of course DO have a quarterback now-as Cam Newton continues to prove on a week in and week out basis.

6. Much like St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson, sometimes I wear my gold shoes to an asskicking.

I’m not REALLY beating up S-Jax, who is about the only good thing even remotely related to the St. Louis Rams at this point. I wish I had a better picture of the cleats, but here’s an idea…


It was funny the first time you saw them considering that with AJ Feeley on the field, no one thought the Rams had ANY chance. That was before the world discovered DeMarco Murray as well…


I’m actually just jealous. I want a pair of the kicks.

7. Perhaps Notre Dame shouldn’t be in such a rush to schedule another home night game.

In fairness to the Fighting Irish, given the other games going on at the same time, there might not have been quite as many people watching their loss to USC…


Hey…have I mentioned that we’re doing a Maryland/Notre Dame bus trip to FedEx Field on November 12? One team stinks and the other is (annually) overrated. Come have fun with us anyway!

And my “oh no” moment of the weekend…

“Oh no, please tell me the Orioles didn’t figure out another way to piss all over the city….”

Everything about the event unveiling the statue for Orioles Hall of Fame 3B Brooks Robinson was amazing, except of course for the fact that it didn’t involve the Orioles AT ALL, despite what their own website wanted you to believe later that night.

Of note: Brooks looked AMAZING Saturday…


And you should really watch the video of Brooks’ comments…


As well as actor Josh Charles’ comments…which were fantastic…


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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