The 15-7-0 Of The Century

November 07, 2011 | Glenn Clark

8. It was never going to be easy, but at 2-6 Navy was still very much in the bowl picture. They accomplished Step 1 Saturday.

The Midshipmen posted a blowout win over Troy Saturday on Senior Day in Annapolis thanks in part to the return of quarterback Kriss Proctor. Their trip to SMU next week looms large, but they have the ability to win all three games left on their schedule…

Ken Niumatalolo’s pregame speech was strong, but not quite as good as Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington’s speech before Game 7 of the World Series. Of course Niumatalolo’s had less cursing…and Niumatalolo’s actually worked. (Video language NSFW.)

9. Their win over Kansas State wasn’t the only good news for Oklahoma State this weekend.

If you weren’t too busy watching The Game of the Century on CBS Saturday night, the Cowboys and Wildcats were playing a Game of the Century in Stillwater on ESPN2. I enjoyed it…

Kirk Herbstreit called the OSU game for ESPN2, then experienced at earthquake at the 0:04 second mark of this video while talking to Chris Fowler after the game…

There was more good news for Oklahoma State this weekend, as Oklahoma WR Ryan Broyles tore his ACL in the Sooners’ win over Texas A&M. You never hope to see anyone hurt, but it certainly helps the Cowboys’ chances of winning their Bedlam rivalry game…

There were other games in the Big 12 this weekend, but I’m not going to waste your time.

10. The only bad news for the New Orleans Saints Sunday is that their win can’t wash away what happened a week earlier against St. Louis.

There is no YouTube video of the Saints’ big win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday at the SuperDome, but as a Drew Brees owner I can assure you he played well.

Tracy Porter and the Bucs’ Gerard McCoy were hurt in the game, so now I’ve given you as much as you need to know.

I take it back. You also need to know what Sophie Turner wore for Halloween. It’s unrelated, but much more important.


11. Is it just me, or are the Dallas Cowboys REALLY good in every other game?

The good ‘Boys were back Sunday, trouncing the Seattle Seahawks in Arlington…

I know we’re all supposed to talk about how difficult the Ravens’ trip to the Emerald City is going to be, it’s just that…none of us really believe it.

12. Other neat things that happened in the SEC included a big Arkansas win, a player getting stuck in the hedges at Georgia, a strange Tennessee kicker and Donte Moncrief making a WILD catch.

The Razorbacks stopped South Carolina in a game you might have cared about had you not been busy with some other pesky football game…

Bulldogs TE Aron White scored a touchdown against New Mexico State, then got lost…

Tennessee had two injured kickers going into their game against Middle Tennessee State. They turned to some dude in a Wolverine costume named Derrick Brodus. No really.


I can’t embed the video of Ole Miss’ Donte Moncrief making a crazy catch against Kentucky, but I can tell you that Rebels coach Houston Nutt is going to be fired soon. That’s neat!

13. Arian Foster and Ben Tate and Earl Campbell all ran for 100 yards in the Houston Texans’ win. Well most of them did anyway.

I could tell you all about the Houston Texas’ win over the Cleveland Browns, or I could show you this picture of Brian Cushing’s face. Which would you prefer?

This team has an EASY path to the AFC South crown.

14. I pulled for Poly last week because I wanted Roger Wrenn to win his last game against City. I shant be rooting for them moving forward.

Here’s the final play of the Engineers’ win over the Black Knights at M&T Bank Stadium. It’s important to note because it will be the last time I pull for them…

Next up for Poly? None other than my Perry Hall Gators, despite a heartbreaking OT loss at Hereford Friday night.

And while we’re talking about my Gators, the word “overcome” pops into mind after a big MPSSAA playoff soccer win over James Hubert Blake in Montgomery County…

Keep it going boys.

15. The guys who brought the “Fire Craig James” sign to ESPN’s “College Gameday” broadcast are good Americans. The Canadians who stand united with us in the fight against Nickelback are also good Americans.

I probably won’t read the new book “Double T Double Cross.” I don’t need to. Craig James is a creep and should not be employed. ESPN isn’t as evil as some want you to believe they are, but this borderlines evil.


Also, it’s one thing that the good people of Detroit have been willing to stand up in our fight against the spread of the awful band Nickelback. They don’t want the terrible group of Canucks invading their first meaningful Thanksgiving game in what seems like forever. This weekend came the news that Nickelback will play the halftime show at the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup, so our neighbors to the north have joined the fight.

That makes them great Americans.

Listen up, people. We don’t want this. EVER.