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December 05, 2011 | Glenn Clark

8. The best thing about the Pac-12 and Big Ten having championship games this year? America was given more Gus Johnson.

Johnson couldn’t exactly make the Oregon-UCLA blowout beautiful, but Nelson Rosario’s one handed catch at least got an “OOOOHHHH” out of him…

Johnson was in rare form Saturday night as Wisconsin topped Michigan State in Indianapolis. It started with the Spartans’ back to back lateral for TD & fake extra point…

But Russell Wilson to Jeff Duckworth on 4th down? This is what Gus Johnson was born for…

Let’s gauge reactions. We’ll start with a Michigan State cheerleader…

(Only funny because she’s okay.) And now we’ll check in with a Badgers fan shown live on FOX…

Back to Gus Johnson for a second. Are we sure we shouldn’t just cancel the NCAA Tournament without him? I feel like we’re treading on dangerous ground here.

9. Cam Newton cleared up any confusion about how would be winning the Rookie of the Year award Sunday.

In the Carolina Panthers’ win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Newton ran for three TD’s, giving him 13 on the season. It broke Steve Grogan’s record of 12 rushing TD’s in a single season, which means that Steve Grogan will be able to tell his grandkids he was once mentioned in a 15-7-0!

After breaking the record, Newton gave the ball to a fan simply because she was wearing a “Mrs. Newton” t-shirt. Like any one of us doesn’t have one of those in our closet!

This is about to REALLY come full circle. You see, there is an actress named Brooke Newton who used to be a cheerleader for the Bucs! This allows me an excuse to share this!

10. Yes, it was in a losing effort but Dan Orlovsky played about 10,000 times better than anyone thought he could.

Orlovsky’s final line reads 30/37, 353 yards, 2TD’s and a pick. It won’t make Indianapolis Colts fans forget that Peyton Manning is hurt, but it was enough to make the New England Patriots sweat for a minute. Oh-the Colts come to M&T Bank Stadium next Sunday-so…that’s exciting.

The Pats did hang on for the win, keeping the Colts winless. Rob Gronkowski caught two TD passes (he ran another in on a lateral), giving him 13 for the season. That ties him with Antonio Gates and Vernon Davis for the record for the most in the regular season. All 3 of them are available on YouTube, but none of the highlights were particularly impressive. SO….here’s a video of a woman on Wheel of Fortune making a hand gesture.

11. He didn’t clinch the Heisman Trophy Saturday, but Robert Griffin III did clinch my Heisman Trophy vote. Does that mean something?

RG3 tallied four touchdowns in Baylor’s win over Texas Saturday. It’s by no means Heisman-clinching, but I’m going to cast a vote for him ahead of idle Trent Richardson and Andrew Luck.

Richardson will probably win the thing. CJ Brown probably won’t. I’m reasonably confident about the first, I’m VERY confident about the other.

12. The San Francisco 49ers bounced back just nicely from the beatdown they received on Thanksgiving night.

Which is a BIT easier to do when you’re playing the St. Louis Rams. The Niners clinched the NFC West title, thanks in part to Aldon Smith, who may have recorded the greatest sack celebration in National Football League history…

It was definitely better than Dashon Goldson’s earlier interception celebration anyway…

Jim Harbaugh’s team probably won’t turn to their backups just yet, as they still have work to do to clinch a first round bye. Something still doesn’t sound right about the words “49ers” and “first round bye” in the same sentence.

13. There is no amount of time that wouldn’t be “too much time” for Aaron Rodgers. Or Drew Brees for that matter.

The New York Giants gave Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers the ball back with less than a minute left on the clock in a tie game. I mean, did ANYONE think the Packers weren’t going to march down and win the game?

The Detroit Lions gave the New Orleans Saints the ball back with about two minutes left in the first half after finally scoring to get into the game. Again, you just KNEW it was too much time…

It isn’t a guarantee that these teams will meet in the NFC Championship Game, it’s just the game that EVERYONE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET wants to see.

14. Don Markus’ suggestion that Maryland hire Penn State Defensive Coordinator Larry Johnson seems like a longshot, but would be a no-brainer.

I bumped into the Baltimore Sun writer Saturday at Unitas Stadium and we discussed his suggestion at length.

If Johnson is in no way connected to the coverup in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, you would assume he would be highly sought after in the offseason. For the Terrapins to even be on his radar, Kevin Anderson would have to offer a significant amount of money and perhaps an associate head coach title.

But for Maryland, it would be a home run. Todd Bradford was only hired because the team lost Don Brown late in the offseason. Johnson could be helpful on the field, but more importantly has a history of recruiting players from the area.

And since we’re here, why in the world does Sandusky’s attorney think it is a good idea…at all…to let his client talk right now? He spoke to the New York Times this weekend and it just made everyone think of him in a more creepy fashion.

Meanwhile Steve Buscemi and Saturday Night Live KILLED with this…

15. The MPSSAA might as well rename their 1A Division the “if any of you think you can beat Dunbar go ahead and give it a try.

Perryville had little to offer against the Poets Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium, losing 32-11 with former Poet Tavon Austin watching closely…

Congratulations to Old Mill (4A), River Hill (3A) and Middletown (2A) who also won state titles. And since Drew Forrester went to Glen Burnie I say “Bravo” again to the Patriots and offer a professional tip of my cap!

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