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December 05, 2011 | Glenn Clark

7 Not-So-Positive Observations…

1. There is nothing for Rob Ambrose and the Towson Tigers to be ashamed of this season, but their loss to Lehigh was particularly heartbreaking.

It was a thriller in the FCS playoffs, as the Mountain Hawks eventually pulled out the win after sacking Grant Enders in the endzone and then holding on to the ball to finish a 40-38 final…

It is easy to point out that Terrance West carried the ball just 11 times in the loss, but it wasn’t the only reason the Tigers fell short.

With all of that established, it is worth saying again that this was perhaps the greatest season in Towson football history, and they will always be able to call themselves CAA Champions. Rob Ambrose has established something at his alma mater, and we can only be hopeful it will continue in the future.

2. The Pittsburgh Steelers apparently have absolutely no interest in helping the Baltimore Ravens.

I’m not even going to post any highlights of the Steelers’ blowout win over the Cincinnati Bengals at Heinz Field. What kind of awful human being would want to watch them anyway? The Steelers remain tied with the Ravens atop the AFC North, meaning the Ravens have to keep winning games.

Instead of looking at highlights, why don’t we watch a video of a dog chasing the squirrel from Cleveland Browns Stadium on TV?

That’s Pixar adorable.

3. The only Chicago native happy about what happened with the Bears Sunday is Donovan McNabb.

So let me get the Soldier Field proceedings straight. Caleb Hanie stunk, the Bears lost Matt Forte to a knee injury, the Kansas City Chiefs lost Kyle Orton to a hand injury but somehow won the game because of this Tyler Palko Hail Mary toss to Dexter McCluster?

Things might just be desperate enough in the Windy City for the Bears to give McNabb a shot. Or Jim McMahon. Either would be better than what they had against the Chiefs.

4. The Houston Cougars Saturday played like a team that believed their coach was departing imminently.

Case Keenum and the Cougs were pounded by Southern Miss in the Conference USA Championship Game, ending their hopes of a BCS berth and Keenum’s outside hopes at the Heisman Trophy.

The beatdown happened while rumors swirled about their coach Kevin Sumlin heading to Texas A&M. Or UCLA. Or Arizona State. Or Maryland.

Oh wait. I started that last rumor.

5. The Miami Dolphins have already played their way out of drafting Andrew Luck, now they’re looking to play their way out of Drafting any other good quarterback too.

Not that it’s necessarily a BAD thing to win football games, but are Phins fans REALLY convinced Matt Moore is the answer for the future even AFTER a big win over the Oakland Raiders?

Raiders LB Rolando McClain was on the field in the game just three days after being arrested for assault and posing for the greatest photo ever taken mid-arrest…

6. I don’t think I had ever seen a coach ice his own kicker before Jason Garrett did so Sunday.

I was thinking about this later. Maybe Garrett wanted to give Dallas Cowboys (and NFL) fans something to make fun of besides Tony Romo’s playoff gaffe against the Seattle Seahawks a few years ago. Maybe?

Three things here.

1-Garrett’s explanation is semi-logical, but only semi-logical.

2-Dan Bailey should have made the second kick.

3-The ‘Boys still had a chance to win in overtime, but apparently didn’t think they needed to tackle Arizona Cardinals RB LaRod Stephens-Howling…

7. It’s cool BCS, we didn’t want to see Boise State or TCU in one of your games anyway.

The Sugar Bowl I would have liked to have seen was Boise State-Baylor (Kellen Moore vs. RG3?), but I can certainly see how a Hokies team that just got POUNDED by Clemson was a better bet. Michigan had pretty much locked up their bid with their win a week earlier against Ohio State, but they didn’t really do all that much to deserve it either.

TCU and Kansas State would have been other options for the SuperDome. The Horned Frogs would have been an awesome option if for no other reason than their ability to orchestrate Gatorade showers. See this link.

And my “oh no” moment from outside of football…

Oh no, Tiger Woods won a silly season PGA Tour event with 18 dudes in the field so now I have to hear about how he’s ‘back’!

The best part about Tiger Woods’ win at the Chevron World Challenge? Some dude yelling “mashed potato” at him as he teed off…

You know what I always say. I love it when good things happen to people that are in no ways good at all.

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