The 15-7-0 Wants To Kick Floyd Mayweather’s Ass Too…

September 19, 2011 | Glenn Clark

8. If you win because your opponent missed the tying extra point, you still won

Morgan State used a missed extra point to beat Robert Morris Saturday afternoon. After blowout losses to Towson and Bowling Green, a win is a win.

There is nothing on YouTube from the Bears’ win, so I figured I’d just throw up a clip from last Thursday’s season premiere of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” I’m a fan…

9. The best way to solve the Michael Vick issue is to eliminate the Michael Vick issue

That’s what the Atlanta Falcons figured out Sunday night, helping Matt Ryan and company avoid an 0-2 start.

The only thing I don’t understand is why the Falcons wasted their best TD play in the pre-game.

10. As a LaGarrette Blount owner I’d like to personally thank the Buccaneers for, you know, running the ball

The good news for the Vikings is that in the loss, it looked like QB Donovan McNabb still had some life left. That’s a bit nicer than former Vikes QB Tavaris Jackson, who is proving in Seattle that he never really had any life at all.

11. It doesn’t appear as though Rex Ryan did anything idiotic after the Jets blew out the Jaguars

It’s an accomplishment for him, so I figured I should recognize it.

Life appeared to return to normal in this one, as Luke McCown remembered he’s Luke McCown. It was awkward for everyone when he thought he was good.

12. The SEC is playing real football, namely Eric Reid and Chris Rainey

Here’s what the LSU safety did to Mississippi State’s Vic Ballard Thursday night…

And here’s what Rainey did in Florida’s win over Tennessee…

The shame about the weekend in the SEC is that it involved Georgia kicking Coastal Carolina’s ass. That sucks. Trip to North Carolina A&T next week for the Chanticleers-go get ’em David Bennett. ME-OW!

13. The Steelers and the Redskins won Sunday. I’d really rather not talk about it.

I didn’t like the reminder Sunday (after watching the Ravens face Kenny Britt) that receivers like Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson, Andre Johnson and some guy named Larry Fitzgerald were still on the schedule…

Hey. Everything will be fine. (Editor’s note: I have no idea if ANYTHING will be fine. I just don’t want to be depressed.)

14. Nebraska’s football team actually out-performed their fans’ signs


But not by much. That sign (pointed out to me on Twitter-@GlennClarkWNST-by Tracey Henderson-@saltytrizzle) is pretty clever. It’s certainly a hell of a lot better than the sign a Mississippi State brought to their game Thursday night…


15. Using the Switchfoot song “Dark Horses” in ESPN/ABC’s College Football coverage

I’m not really the biggest Switchfoot fan on the face of the planet, but this song is freaking PERFECT for football…