The 15-7-0 Wants To Kick Floyd Mayweather’s Ass Too…

September 19, 2011 | Glenn Clark

7 Not So Positive Observations…

1. Is it really cool to call anyone involved with Ohio State-Miami a “winner”?

Think the Cam Newton subplot to the BCS Championship Game was uncomfortable? I have no idea how to possibly explain just how awkward watching Ohio State-Miami was. “I don’t want any of these people to feel good about anything.”

Props to Canes receiver Tommy Streeter though…

2. For reasons that aren’t particularly similar, I struggle with the idea of calling anyone involved with Indianapolis-Cleveland or Denver-Cincinnati a winner either

While Kansas City is going to be #32 in my National Football League power rankings this week, I guess I’ll be forced to drop the Colts to #31.  They’re simply awful without Peyton Manning.

I don’t happen to think the Broncos or Bengals are any good either, but Eric Decker made a nice catch.

3. Randy Edsall’s players better not quit on their team…but there is a chance he might quit on them?

I have no idea why Randy Edsall felt the need to grandstand after Maryland’s 37-31 loss to West Virginia Saturday. The Terrapins put together a valiant comeback effort, only to be stymied in the game’s final moments. The program appears to be moving in a positive direction, and fans are pretty happy with everything Edsall has done.

But yet, here he was Saturday in College Park going full “job defense” mode…

The coach-speak finale is funnier considering most UConn fans felt Edsall quit on the Huskies right after claiming a Big East title. And also because it involves the coach “quitting” on a postgame press conference.

But other than that it made total sense.

(Thanks to our friends at for the video.)

4. Cam Newton probably shouldn’t try to throw for 400 yards and 3 picks in every game

The best place to start would be to not throw the ball to Charles Woodson. I think Cam Newton was probably 7 years old when Woodson won the Heisman Trophy, but he should probably have an idea that the guy can make a few plays…

The Packers defense has been beaten up for a number of yards twice this season. I think they’re okay personally.

5. Clemson shocked Auburn Saturday…which means they’ll almost certainly get rocked by Florida State & Virginia Tech

I’ll give a nod to my buddy Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times, who called Clemson’s win over the War Eagles. I’ll also give him a nod for the term “Clemson-liness”, which almost certainly guarantees the Tigers won’t be able to follow up the win in their next two games against the Seminoles and Hokies.

6. Reggie Bush’s fantasy football value is less than your average pizza

He had 21 yards of total offense in the Miami Dolphins’ 23-13 loss to the Houston Texans Sunday. I’m starting to get the feeling that in 20 years we will ABSOLUTELY remember the former Heisman Trophy winner more for who he once dated than for anything he’s done in the NFL.

Oh right. In a TOTALLY unrelated story, here’s a picture of Kim Kardashian in the famous Princess Leia costume that were unearthed this weekend. She had filmed a Kanye West comedy show pilot in 2008 that never aired. This should have though…


7. I went out drinking Saturday night and couldn’t find my conference in the morning

Syracuse and Pitt have joined the ACC. Texas and Oklahoma are apparently headed to the Pac 12. Or Pac 14. Or Pac 124. I guess West Virginia is headed to the SEC to join Texas A&M. Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are rumored to be joining the Longhorns and Sooners in what I guess is now the Pac 16. There are rumors about Virginia Tech bolting for the SEC too, but the ACC is making it difficult for anyone to leave.

Jesus, I can’t keep up with any of this.

Is there going to be a Big East basketball conference for the teams that don’t have FBS football?

The best part about the move is that it gives me another reason to hate Pittsburgh. Thanks for that!

My biggest question in this mess is “Does having Syracuse in the ACC mean we’ll get to watch Charley Steiner knock out their mascot more often?”

And my “oh no” moment of the weekend…

Oh no, please tell me the sport of boxing didn’t piss all over it’s leg again…

First, I had a fantastic time at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Dundalk watching the fight. I ordered a sandwich that can only be described as “Chick-Fil-A meets crab dip”. It was fantastic…


As far as the fight is concerned, we have plenty to talk about.

Victor Ortiz headbutts Floyd Mayweather, Mayweather decks Ortiz before both fighters appear to be ready, then Mayweather threatens HBO commentator Larry Merchant. All of us wish Larry Merchant WOULD have decked Floyd Mayweather.

The bottom line is that a bunch of people paid a bunch of money and once again felt unsatisfied after watching a fight.

If I really cared about boxing I’d clearly be more frustrated.

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