The #Occupy15-7-0 Campaign Hasn’t Really Caught On Yet

October 17, 2011 | Glenn Clark

8. Something really cool happened at Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium…and then the Hawkeyes won

I have no idea how 70,000 people pulled this off, but it looked amazing…

Elsewhere in the Big Ten, Ohio State ended Illinois’ undefeated season. This allows us to go back to our regularly scheduled “don’t give a crap about Illini football” plans for the season.

9. Elsewhere in the ACC-Florida State got healthy just in time for Maryland and Virginia managed to do what the Terps couldn’t do a week earlier.

The Seminoles blew out the Blue Devils. If I was the guy from Fox Sports Radio I would have said that in a more clever way. They’ll now welcome Maryland to Tallahassee. Does anyone have any linebackers we can borrow?

Georgia Tech’s undefeated season ended at the ends of the Wahoos. Here are some highlights…

Oh and Virginia Tech beat Wake Forest and Miami beat North Carolina. What happened in the conference this weekend would be much more interesting if we thought Maryland had a chance in hell of playing for the conference title.

10. It would be really nice if the Pittsburgh Steelers would drop another game or two and give the Ravens some breathing room in the AFC North

Rashard Mendenhall had a nice day and Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Wallace hooked up for a hell of a TD as the Stillers won one of those “probably closer than it should have been” types of games over the Jacksonville Jaguars…

The Steelers are 4-2 and just a half game behind the Ravens. The game at Heinz Field will probably mean a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t mean, like, anything?

11. It would be really nice if the Cincinnati Bengals would drop another game or two and give the Ravens some breathing room in the AFC North

Is this some sort of sick joke? Jerome Simpson had over 100 yards receiving, AJ Green had another amazing TD catch and Carlos Dunlap was the recipient of a gift from Pierre Garcon in the Bengals’ win over the Indianapolis Colts…

The Bengals are 4-2 and just a half game behind the Ravens. The games at M&T Bank Stadium and Paul Brown Stadium will probably mean a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t mean, like, anything?

12. Charm City update: Morgan State CRUSHED North Carolina Central while Johns Hopkins did the same to Dickinson

No video on either of these-so I poked around for some other things to look at.

First-here’s the American Reunion trailer. I should know better than to have nostalgic happy feelings while watching this…

And here’s a picture of Angela Rypien. She’s the daughter of Mark Rypien and plays in the Lingerie Football League. Now you know.


13. I’m sure Sean Payton’s injury was a factor, but credit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for bouncing back to beat the New Orleans Saints.

This is one of the zaniest things to have happened in a NFL game.

I have no idea whether or not having Sean Payton on the field would have done anything to help Drew Brees avoid throwing three picks, but I have to imagine it was SOME sort of factor.  Credit the Bucs for taking advantage and tying the Saints for first place in the NFC South.

14. Add Eastern Tech to the list of Perry Hall victims this season.

I guess I was wrong about PHHS grad Paige Ogle being eliminated from the show “The X Factor” last week. Apparently she was instead forced to join a group of other young, attractive ladies named “Lakoda Rayne.” Not my thing, but go Gators…

Can someone get me in touch with this gal? Fellow Gators should be sticking together. Just ask the great Brian Radcliffe…


Perry Hall picked up a 42-16 win over Vo Tech Friday night by the way. I guess I should have mentioned that earlier.

15. The “Occupy Herbstreit” guy’s 13 demands are just fantastic.

The guy is a Maryland fan. Come someone please help out him and get him on “The Reality Check” this week?


1. Equal pay for all SEC Quarterbacks

2. Schools may only purchase Fair Trade Gatorade for use on sidelines

3. Guaranteed Bowl appearances regardless of won-loss record

4. Let the mascots unionize

5. All sidelines must be made Segway-accessible so Ralph Friedgen can return to coaching

6. One trillion dollars so the Big East can buy some new teams

7. Free nachos

8. Conferences with numbers in their name must have that many schools in them

9. Open border migration for all Texas high school athletes

10. Must see physical documentation of Dr. Lou’s Phd in Football philosophy

11. Notre Dame’s TV appearances must depend on whether they are a good team

12. Outlaw all strength of schedule reporting agencies (We allowed Boise State to make one demand)

13. Penn State must reveal its secret for keeping Joe Paterno alive

Just fantastic.