The #Occupy15-7-0 Campaign Hasn’t Really Caught On Yet

October 17, 2011 | Glenn Clark

7 Not-So-Positive Observations…

1. Randy Edsall and Jay-Z could probably hold a compelling “who has more problems” competition right about now.

With the biggest difference being that Jay-Z has never had to worry about Clemson WR/KR Sammy Watkins…


He all didn’t have to worry about the CJ Brown/Danny O’Brien thing, the fact that half of his defense isn’t playing, not answering any questions in a press conference or a fanbase that is starting to turn a bit after a 9-4 campaign in 2010.

Of course, unlike Dabo Swinney he hasn’t had to worry about a Michelle Obama Trapper Keeper either. Wait. What??? (Thanks Deadspin.)


2. It’s a shame the San Francisco 49ers’ big win is being marred by Jim Harbaugh acting like an ass after.

Seriously, both of these men coach football teams that are 5-1. Why in the hell would they be fighting about it?


Someone will say Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz was acting like an ass as well. They’d be right. He was.

Does anyone know anything about what actually happened in the game while it was being played?

3. The Sunday Night Football offering was so bad I decided to go with a blowout baseball game instead.

The Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings played a football game Sunday night. You’d know if you weren’t too busy watching anything else. (I chose the St. Louis Cardinals’ blowout win over the Milwaukee Brewers in NLCS Game 6.)

At least the football game had Devin Hester.


Christian Ponder came into the blowout loss for the Vikes. No one was happy about the situation.

4. Scratch Denard Robinson and Marcus Lattimore from the Heisman Trophy watch list altogether.

I have NO IDEA why Brady Hoke played Devin Gardner at quarterback as much if not more than Robinson in Michigan’s fourth straight loss to Michigan State, but I know it’s a hell of a way to make sure the Wolverines’ QB doesn’t win the Heisman…


South Carolina beat Mississippi State Saturday. You wonder if they would trade that to have not lost Lattimore in the game…


In the loss, MSU’s Chris Smith made a RIDICULOUS catch…


Elsewhere in the SEC, Florida coach Will Muschamp lost his mind in the Gators’ loss to Auburn…


And Bulldogs assistant Todd Grantham lost his mind on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin…


5. If Kyle Boller plays, a loss to the Oakland Raiders should count as two.

The Cleveland Browns should be ashamed of themselves. Not only did they lose to Kyle Boller, they also let Shane Lechler throw a touchdown on a fake field goal…


I know it was an emotional day in Oakland with the team honoring Al Davis; but seriously, KYLE BOLLER PLAYED. No excuses.

6. There’s the Rex Grossman we all know and love.

Thank God for this. Now Skins fans won’t be confused into thinking they have a good football team. (They’re a team with a decent defense and no quarterback).

There were humorous moments in this game. One involved LeSean McCoy and Andy Reid’s gut…


And Michael Vick kicked a football at a cheerleader…


I don’t think all of the Philadelphia Eagles’ problems are solved. I’m just glad they beat those a-holes in DC.

7. Navy has to figure out a way to not have their kicks blocked anymore

The Midshipmen have now lost 4 straight games and have had a kick blocked in three of them…


After losing to Rutgers, the Mids can only lose twice more all season if they want to get bowl eligible. They still have East Carolina and Troy coming to Annapolis, as well as games at Notre Dame, SMU and San Jose State and a battle with Army at FedEx Field in Landover. It won’t be easy.

And my “oh no” moment of the weekend…

“Oh no, I know I care about Maryland basketball more than just about anyone and yet somehow I don’t know who half of the guys are on this team.”

There are players on the Maryland basketball team named Jacob Susskind, Arnold Richmond, Spencer Barks, Jon Dillard, John Auslander and Jonathan Thomas. Does that mean anything to you?

It was still a fun night at Comcast Center for Maryland “don’t call it Midnight” Madness…


Alex Len is one of the players on the team I’ve actually heard of. Of course, he might not actually be on the team due to NCAA clearinghouse issues. When asked after the scrimmage about Len’s impressive performance, new coach Mark Turgeon said “He’s big, isn’t he?”

Accurate statement.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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