The Return of 15-7-0…Where We’re Still Looking For More Dogs and Less Cats

September 12, 2011 | Glenn Clark

8-Detroit and Tampa Bay did nothing to make us think they aren’t both teams “on the rise”

Yes, the Lions got past the Bucs thanks to the arm of one Matthew Stafford, but both teams looked good and both teams should be fine moving forward.

Attention (Baltimore’s own) Jim Schwartz: I’m a Jahvid Best owner. Need some rushing TD’s this season. Thanks!

9-They might not have impressed everyone, but West Virginia and Virginia Tech were deserved winners

Sure, I was giggling a bit when I saw that Norfolk State was up 12-10 at halftime in Morgantown. And I absolutely agree that Va Tech wasn’t exactly dominant against ECU, but they made the plays when they needed to.

The bottom line for me is that both teams have proven they can run the ball, and I believe they will be squarely in the mix to win the Big East and ACC respectively all season. The good news is that the Hokies aren’t on Maryland’s schedule. The bad news is that the Mountaineers are…in just a few days.

Also of note. Did you see the Pirates’ Damon Magazu intercept VT’s Logan Thomas in the end zone Saturday? Worth another look…

10-Navy’s been great thus far…but “danger ahead

It’s easy to find yourself at a hardly touched 2-0 when your opponents have been Delaware and Western Kentucky. It won’t be nearly as easy to improve to 3-0 when your next opponent is South Carolina in Columbia, especially with the Gamecocks coming off a thrilling win over Georgia.

I know a lot of us have one of these hats, but can we all agree not to where them this week out of respect to the Midshipmen?


11-San Diego IS the class of the AFC West again. Any questions?

While they didn’t offer a dynamic rushing attack, the Bolts got three TD’s from Mike Tolbert (I know a guy who feels like an absolute dummy for leaving him on his bench) and stymied Vikings QB Donovan McNabb.

The Chargers usually get off to slow starts. If they avoid it, perhaps they really are a Super Bowl contender again.

12-I didn’t exactly call 41-7, but I had a gut feeling about Buffalo

In a league of “haves” and “have nots”, I think Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is just good enough to not completely leave the team in the latter group.

The Chiefs however…well…I had a feeling they might be impostors. They’ll of course have plenty of time to prove me wrong.

13-Everyone did a great job of remembering 9/11


At both the high school and NFL level (including the photo taken from M&T Bank Stadium above), the 9/11 tributes were fantastic. They were fitting without being over the top, they truly captured the emotions of the day. Kudos to all.

14-David Bennett’s “dogs” are 2-0

There are two types of people in this world. People who have seen Coastal Carolina head coach David Bennett’s press conference and are ALL IN on him, and people who haven’t so they don’t know they’re supposed to be all in on him.

CCU topped Catawba this weekend to improve to 2-0 this weekend. I hope the Chanticleers never end up on the Terps’ schedule. It would be really difficult for me to root against them.

15-It hurts me to praise a team that beat my Perry Hall Gators, but I’ve heard good things about Catonsville

Apparently it’s all about Aaron Jones and Julian Jones for the Comets. They broke my heart Friday night but I’ll give them their due.

Scary thought? These young men probably weren’t born by the time Adam Duritz wrote that song about them…