The Return of 15-7-0…Where We’re Still Looking For More Dogs and Less Cats

September 12, 2011 | Glenn Clark

Here are 7 not so positive observations from the weekend in football…

1-For as good of a showdown as Drew Brees-Aaron Rodgers was, Mark Sanchez-Tony Romo was equally mediocre

Some mistakenly label the Jets’  and Cowboys’ quarterbacks as “bad”. They’re not bad. They’re INCREDIBLY mediocre. NBC had very close games Thursday night and Sunday night of this weekend. One of them was watchable.

More enjoyable? Rex Ryan, Rob Ryan and Buddy Ryan posed for a pregame picture that can only be described as “sexy”.


(On a serious note, best to Buddy Ryan as he battles cancer.)

(On another serious note, my roommate said of Rob Ryan while watching the game “I swear to God I thought that was a homeless guy.”)

2-Perhaps Notre Dame has played better than 0-2, but they’re 0-2 for a reason

You have to learn how to win games. Denard Robinson should not have been able to get the Wolverines in the end zone in 30 seconds. If the Fighting Irish are going to beat good teams (they’ve lost to South Florida and Michigan-who may or may not be any good), they have to figure out how to win.

On the flip side, Robinson and Roy Roundtree probably won’t ever have to pay for a drink in Ann Arbor after winning the first ever night game at Michigan Stadium.

3-The Colts are absolutely done without Peyton Manning

Done. Completely done. They’re hopeless as not only a football team, but as an organization.

They can’t win at all with Kerry Collins, and the Texans blew them out despite not having Arian Foster, getting a lucky bounce on a Matt Schaub-Andre Johnson TD pass and doing nothing in the second half.


4-The whole USC-Utah thing is just plain freaking ugly

I don’t REALLY care that Las Vegas is taking a bath on this thing, but I can’t believe it happened. If you’re not aware, the game ended with USC having a late FG block return TD waved off due to a penalty-leaving the Trojans 17-14 winners. Later, the Pac 12 gave the TD back to Southern Cal (ruling an officiating mistake), making them 23-14 winners. The line on the game? 8.5. The lesson? Get the call right on the damn field.

Hey…worse things can happen in Las Vegas…

5-I told you I wasn’t really buying into the New York Giants…or Dan Snyder’s lawsuit

The Giants should be ashamed of themselves for letting Rex Grossman kick their asses. In fact, it should automatically disqualify them from competing in the NFC East.

Dan Snyder should be forced to pay money to Dave McKenna and the Washington City Paper for his unthinkable lawsuit.  The fact that it was able to go this far despite EVERYONE knowing it was bogus is proof that there is a problem with the justice system in a problem. It’s shameful.

We salute City Paper once more by sharing their cover picture of Dan Snyder…


6-Jacksonville, Tennessee, San Francisco and Seattle did nothing to make us think anything more of them

All of these teams stink. The Titans lost to Luke Mccown. The 49ers only beat the Seahawks because of Ted Ginn Jr.

These games were awful. Watching Pauly D and Vinny on Jersey Shore was more entertaining. “Fist pumps, pushups, chap stick…”

7-If Cleveland is really “going in the right direction”, they wouldn’t have lost to Cincinnati

I refuse to talk about this game. The good news is that the Ravens don’t appear to have to worry much about the Browns and Bengals in the AFC North-not that we thought they did.

The other good news? There is no Erik Gustafson.

(I’m sorry there isn’t better video of the new FedEx commercial. It’s good. Maybe not Bill Kurtis good, but it’s good.

And here’s this weekend’s “OH NO” moment…

You didn’t see “Warrior” Friday night? You weren’t watching Roger Federer-Novak Djokovic Saturday? OH NO!”

“Warrior” did less than $6 million at the box office this weekend. This wouldn’t bother me if it weren’t the best movie I’ve seen all year. It unfortunately had the stigma of a Mixed Martial Arts movie, but it is anything but. It’s absolutely brilliant.

This MMA scene was pretty good though…

And Federer-Djokovic provided the greatest theater we can ask for in sport…while most of the country was watching College Football. It’s a shame, as Djokovic hit what might have been the greatest return in the history of tennis on double match point…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…