Trevor Cahill would have looked nice in Orioles gear

December 10, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Trevor Cahill is no Roy Halladay, but he’s certainly better than just about anything the Orioles currently have on their roster.

So it made all the sense in the world for Dan Duquette to go chasing after Cahill, the middle-linebacker-looking young ace of the Oakland A’s staff.

Instead, the Diamondbacks went chasing after him.  And they got him.

Hey, we got Dana Eveland.  What more do you want?

Another December has arrived and the Orioles appear to have already stuffed themselves with cookies and milk — what other explanation can you give for their apparent lack of off-season energy?

You can only laugh when you read the off-season synopsis below:

Marlins acquire Reyes, Bell and Buehrle.

Angels get Pujols and Wilson.

Diamondbacks pick-up Cahill.

Phillies sign Papelbon.

Orioles get Beerer, Antonelli, Flaherty and Eveland.

If you’re not laughing, you’re crying.

I’m sure you’re asking “who the hell are those guys?”.  That’s what most folks are wondering, although anyone who has half-way followed baseball over the last half-dozen years knows Eveland.  He’s a guy with a career 5.55 ERA, but (wait for it…) he’s coming off of a helluva minor league run last season when he was in the Dodgers organization.  I guess the gang at Norfolk knows who their opening day starter will be next April.  So they got that going for them…which is nice.

Eveland is a journeyman, which also makes him a typical off-season target of the Orioles.  And, honestly, it doesn’t really matter who runs the team, for this is the exact type of signing the likes of Jim Duquette, Beattie, Flanagan, MacPhail and, now, Dan Duquette would make.

I almost spit out my Royal Farms coffee on Friday when I ventured over to the uber-intelligent MASN baseball blog of expert Steve Melewski who gave the Eveland deal the thumbs up because “the Orioles need pitching depth and this is exactly what that is…”

So let me get this straight — you can’t ADD depth by adding GOOD players?

In other words, “adding depth” is code-word for, “we’re going to add a few players that stink and pass that off as depth”.


There’s even a meltdown of epic proportions at Orioles Hangout, where their leader has challenged any of the website’s members to a cyber-fight over the Eveland acquisition.  The top man likes the Eveland acquisition (see next page, please)