Unlike Everyone Else, The 15-7-0 Remains Undefeated

December 19, 2011 | Glenn Clark

8. The Detroit Lions went all Tebow on the Oakland Raiders Sunday.

How is there NO YouTube video (even illegal video) of Calvin Johnson going for more than 200 yards in the Lions’ come from behind win over the Oakland Raiders Sunday? Matthew Stafford used Megatron to march his team 98 yards downfield in the final minutes of the game for the win! Doesn’t america want to re-live Calvin Johnson doing THIS???

I’m happy for Jim Schwartz and Lions, but I will admit I was sorta rooting for Sebastian Janikowski to nail the 65 yard field goal at the end of the game.

You know that if Gus Johnson had been calling the game he would have made the kick, right?

9. Wyoming K Daniel Sullivan did something Saturday that was noteworthy enough for me to know who Wyoming K Daniel Sullivan is.

You’ll likely never see this again. While kicking an extra point in the Cowboys’ blowout loss to Temple in the New Mexico Bowl, Sullivan managed to hit both uprights and put the ball through…

I remember when Gordon Bombay played “three post” in “D2: The Mighty Ducks”. Even he couldn’t do anything like this.

10. So can we go ahead and stop saying “The New England Patriots can’t win this year because their defense isn’t good enough”?

This is an offensive league. It just doesn’t matter. Ask the Denver Broncos, who couldn’t even use the power of “The Mile High Messiah” to beat the Pats Sunday.

It’s a shame the Broncos lost, or this TD run would have been the freaking highlight of the week…

And I’m staying on Tebow for a minute. Did you miss the Sound FX episode from the Bears game? All in…

Of course the unquestioned highlight of Sunday’s game was really what happened at halftime at Invesco Field…


11. It was weird that the Dallas Cowboys went back to Texas at halftime and still managed to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I’m sure it was nice for the Boys to get some extra sleep Saturday night, but not sticking around for the second half seemed really disrespectful to both the Bucs and the NFL Network.

In the win, Dallas WR Dez Bryant made a REALLY amazing 5 yard catch…

We’ll discuss them further in a bit.

12. I’m really happy for Sam Houston State’s success this season. I just don’t think this guy means what his sign says.

Much to the chagrin of my buddy Kevin Van Valkenburg, Sam Houston State pasted Montana and advanced to the NCAA FCS Championship. They’ll face North Dakota State, who pasted Georgia Southern in the other semi.

By the way, it’s worth watching Bearkats RB Tim Flanders here…

But they DON’T want to play LSU. Trust me.

13. When the Arizona Cardinals finished off the Cleveland Browns in overtime Sunday it gave the NFC West three teams at .500 or better this season. Last year they had none. None.

If I ever have daughters (and honestly I hope I don’t), I hope they’re as creative as these Cards fans…

Larry Fitzgerald made a hell of a catch to set up the game winning field goal in overtime, making John Skelton a winner again. I know Kevin Kolb is their quarterback, but can this really be ignored?

14. Here’s the official poster of Super Bowl XLVI. I wish this got more interesting from here.

They paid some guy named Walter Knape a TON of money to come up with that. GOD I should have paid more attention in art class growing up.

15. Thank God no one involved in this bizarre Cowboys Stadium incident was seriously hurt.

How in the hell is this possible? A runaway cart caused minor injuries to 7 people after a high school football game in Arlington…

I know they’re back in first place now, but there’s something very awful about everything related to the Dallas Cowboys.