Apr 3rd, 2020 Lou Weinkam joins Nestor to talk Francos in Catonsville and some legal advice for trying times
Apr 3rd, 2020 Aaron Tomarchio of TradePoint Atlantic joins Nestor to discuss vital business still percolating in Sparrows Point
Apr 3rd, 2020 Dr Sonya Santelises gives full update on Baltimore City Schools during pandemic
Apr 3rd, 2020 Hillcrest Elementary principal Dr Jennifer Lynch gives the state of education management during pandemic from streets of Catonsville
Apr 3rd, 2020 Baltimore County Schools Supe Dr Darryl Williams updates all residents and parents about pandemic effect on education
Apr 1st, 2020 Chris Davis meets with media via conference call
Mar 31st, 2020 Frank Kelly joins Nestor to discuss crisis leadership and faith in turbulent times
Mar 31st, 2020 Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor catch up on Ravens draft hopes to stay somewhat normalized
Mar 31st, 2020 Leonard Raskin joins Nestor to discuss money management strategies in a pandemic
Mar 31st, 2020 Author Brad Balukjian tells Nestor about his baseball card journey in The Wax Pack
Mar 31st, 2020 Chris Richards of Greenmount Station tells Nestor there is incredible love for community in Hampstead during pandemic
Mar 31st, 2020 Melony Wagner of CVP Towson tells the story of how to help doctors and nurses
Mar 31st, 2020 Rob Shields of Advance Realty joins Nestor to discuss life without sports
Mar 31st, 2020 Brian Saval of Saval Foodservice joins Nestor to talk about feeding people who need it in Baltimore
Mar 31st, 2020 Author Ron Snyder tells the journey of the CFL Baltimore Stallions and his new book
Mar 31st, 2020 Kate Pika of Bmore Humane Society joins Nestor and Nahla for the love of animals
Mar 26th, 2020 Tony Tochterman joins Nestor to tell big fish tales and bloodworm history
Mar 26th, 2020 Ron Furman of Maxs Taphouse and daughter Brina school Nestor on reaching out to help others during pandemic.
Mar 26th, 2020 Mimi Brown of State Farm in Canton insures Nestor on some insurance concerns during pandemic
Mar 26th, 2020 Attorney Todd Schuler joins Nestor from Essex to discuss state of legal matters during pandemic
Mar 26th, 2020 Doug Workman of Liberty Pure Water talks home and safety purification during the pandemic
Mar 25th, 2020 Jerry Gutierrez tells Nestor the secret of a perfect burrito at Taco Fiesta
Mar 25th, 2020 Jack Milani of Monaghans Pub in Woodlawn tells Nestor the value of lacrosse friends in crisis
Mar 25th, 2020 Jerry Schlichting of Clean Cuisine tells Nestor how pandemic has affected his business in a strange way
Mar 25th, 2020 Greg Nalley of Nalley Fresh joins Nestor to discuss fresh food and tough times
Mar 25th, 2020 Tim Bojanowski of Zest Media discusses feeding the masses in a pandemic
Mar 25th, 2020 Baltimore County Director of Health and Human Service Dr Gregory Branch talks Covid
Mar 25th, 2020 Sarah Hemminger of Thread discusses working through challenges of virus with young people
Mar 25th, 2020 Jeff Elkin of Advance Business joins Nestor to discuss crisis management and adjustment in American business
Mar 25th, 2020 Composer Shelbie Rassler tells Nestor what the world needs now is love sweet love and proves it via orchestra
Mar 25th, 2020 Local event legend Greg Nivens and Nestor discuss hope for future festivals and BBQ Bourbon Beer and Fun
Mar 25th, 2020 Keith Miller of Strategic Factory discusses the challenges of business operations during the pandemic
Mar 24th, 2020 Dave Rather of Mothers Grille talks about music stopping and sports standing still with Nestor
Mar 23rd, 2020 Luke Jones and Nestor discuss life as sports fan during a pandemic shutdown
Mar 23rd, 2020 Luke Jones joins Nestor to recap a busy Ravens week in a quiet sports world
Mar 23rd, 2020 Dave Thurston of Crown Title joins Nestor to talk about life in tough times
Mar 23rd, 2020 Brian Granek of Visionary Eye Care talks staying safe and seeing well during the pandemic with Nestor
Mar 20th, 2020 Mike Elias provides State of the Orioles during shutdown due to coronavirus
Mar 20th, 2020 Former mayor Sheila Dixon joins Nestor and Don to discuss virus and impact on election
Mar 20th, 2020 Former Councilman Bill Cole tells Nestor about the new Preakness and Pimlico plans
Mar 19th, 2020 Leonard Raskin of Raskin Global gives Nestor sound financial advice in trying times
Mar 19th, 2020 TJ Smith joins Nestor and Don for a Baltimore Positive chat about pandemic and crisis management
Mar 19th, 2020 Thiru Vignarajah joins Nestor and Don to discuss Baltimore mayoral candidacy and corona virus
Mar 19th, 2020 Local attorney and former Delegate Todd Schuler joins Nestor to offer practical advice in times of a pandemic
Mar 19th, 2020 Mayoral candidate Mary Miller discusses pandemic and new June 2 election date
Mar 18th, 2020 Luke Jones and Nestor recap busy Ravens free agency deals and acquistions
Mar 18th, 2020 Damye Hahn of Faidleys Seafood says come down and pick up a crab cake
Mar 18th, 2020 Marty Conway and Nestor lament the end of the sports business world as we know it
Mar 18th, 2020 Evan Brown of State Fare in Catonsvile offers Nestor chicken and waffles curbside
Mar 18th, 2020 Mimi Brown of State Farm talks insurance and Covid19 lockdown with Nestor