Apr 20th, 2011 Luke Jones (WNST Reporter) checks in with Rex for a Budweiser Ballpark Report
Apr 20th, 2011 Merton from Indianapolis checks in with Drew
Apr 20th, 2011 Morning Reaction Cheap Shots-Glenn takes a shot at Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart
Apr 20th, 2011 Patrick Reusse (TSH, 1500 ESPN Minneapolis) chats Twins with Thyrl
Apr 20th, 2011 Rex and Ryan take a look at the Ravens 2011 announced schedule
Apr 20th, 2011 Steve Wyche (NFL.com & NFL Network) checks in Rex to talk about NFL schedule and the upcoming draft
Apr 19th, 2011 Bill Ingram (Hoopsworld Senior NBA Writer) talks NBA playoffs with Thyrl
Apr 19th, 2011 Jason Chimera (Capitals LW) talks playoff hockey with Drew
Apr 19th, 2011 Kelly Gregg (Ravens DT) joins Thyrl and John Rallo to talk about his time at Ground Control Academy
Apr 19th, 2011 Luke Jones (WNST Orioles reporter) joins Rex Snider for a Budweiser Ballpark report
Apr 19th, 2011 Mike Devereaux (Frederick Keys coach, former Oriole) chats with Drew
Apr 19th, 2011 Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7-Sports Experiences That Left You Less Than Impressed
Apr 19th, 2011 Nestor checks in with Drew to remember Governor Schaefer
Apr 19th, 2011 Rex and Allen talk about how the Orioles can stop their eight-game slide
Apr 19th, 2011 Steve Johnson (Orioles prospect) checks in to discuss promotion to AAA
Apr 19th, 2011 Thyrl, Nestor, and Brian Billick talk about the drama of attending the NFL Draft
Apr 19th, 2011 Visanthe Shiancoe (Morgan State TE, Vikings TE) joins Rex Snider to talk about his free football camp he is throwing June 18th at Morgan State
Apr 18th, 2011 Bert Blyleven (Twins Color Analyst, Hall of Fame pitcher) joins Rex to preview the Twins series and talk about being inducted into Cooperstown
Apr 18th, 2011 CJ Gable (USC RB to discuss football and the NFL Draft with Thryl Nelson)
Apr 18th, 2011 Jim Callis (Baseball America Executive Editor) talks MLB amateur draft with Rex
Apr 18th, 2011 Joe Nelson (KFAN Minnesota) joins Rex to preview Twins-Orioles
Apr 18th, 2011 Jorge Ortiz (USA Today MLB Writer) joins Rex Snider to talk some AL West and NL West baseball
Apr 18th, 2011 Kemar Scarlett (Morgan State kicker, NFL hopeful) talks with Thyrl about the article about him on ESPN.com and his chances of making an NFL squad
Apr 18th, 2011 Luke Jones (WNST Reporter) joins Rex for a Budweiser ballpark report
Apr 18th, 2011 Paul Allen (KFAN to discuss Twins Baseball with Thryl Nelson)
Apr 18th, 2011 Robby Incmikoski (Fox Sports North) previews Twins-Orioles with Drew
Apr 18th, 2011 Ryan Fagan (Sporting News) goes around MLB with Drew
Apr 18th, 2011 Scott Burnside (ESPN.com) goes around the NHL Playoffs with Drew
Apr 18th, 2011 Steve Kyler (HoopsWorld to discuss NBA with Thyrl Nelson)
Apr 15th, 2011 Chorye Spoone (Norfolk Tides Pitcher) chats with Drew
Apr 15th, 2011 Chris Pika (WNST NFL Analyst) joins Nestor for yet another week of NFL labor talks
Apr 15th, 2011 Craig Calcaterra (HardballTalk-NBCSports.com) goes around MLB with Drew
Apr 15th, 2011 Ed Frankovic (WNST Caps Reporter) joins Nestor to talk playoff hockey
Apr 15th, 2011 Gabe Feldman (NFL Network Legal Analyst) joins Thyrl to discuss the intricacies of the NFL lockout
Apr 15th, 2011 Matt Underwood (Indians Play by Play Voice) previews Orioles series with Drew
Apr 15th, 2011 Michael Reghi (ESPN Cleveland, WKNR) joins Thyrl to discuss the Orioles upcoming series against the Indians
Apr 15th, 2011 Munch Bishop (WKNR Cleveland) joins Nestor to preview Indians-Orioles series
Apr 15th, 2011 Ryan Bonini (KFFL) discusses the NFL lockout and the NFL draft with Thyrl
Apr 15th, 2011 Ryan Wagner (Baltimore native, MLBfancave winner) joins Nestor to talk about representing the Orioles in the MLBFanCave
Apr 15th, 2011 Scott Garbarini (Sports Network NFL Editor) talks NFL lockout with Thyrl
Apr 15th, 2011 Todd Helmick (NationalChamps.net) previews the upcoming college football season with Thyrl
Apr 14th, 2011 Brandon Burton (Utah CB, NFL Draft prospect) joins Rex to talk about his favorite NFL teams and his love for Maryland crabs
Apr 14th, 2011 Brian Billick goes around the NFL Draft with Drew
Apr 14th, 2011 Craig Laughlin (Comcast SportsNet) discusses Capitals Game 1 win with Drew
Apr 14th, 2011 Jordan Miller (Southern U DT, NFL Draft Prospect) checks in with Thyrl to talk about his future life in the NFL
Apr 14th, 2011 Leonard Hankerson (Miami WR, NFL Draft prospect) joins Thyrl and compares himself to ex-Hurriances WR Andre Johnson
Apr 14th, 2011 Michael McCann (SI Legal Analyst) joins Rex to talk about the Barry Bonds verdict
Apr 14th, 2011 Morning Reaction Cheap Shots-Drew takes a shot at media members asking dumb questions
Apr 14th, 2011 Nick Minnix (KFFL.com) joins Thyrl to talk about fantasy replacements for Josh Hamilton and Ryan Zimmerman
Apr 14th, 2011 Paul Cantabene (Stevenson Lax Coach) previews Salisbury game with Drew