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“Mariners: Locked and Reloaded for 2010, Schedule Released”

December 26, 2009 |

After a successful season of finishing second in the Northern Division with a record of 9-5 and earned the team’s first playoff appearance in their brief three-year history, the Baltimore Mariners are serious about building on their past success to win the AIFA (American Indoor Football Association) championship. The Mariners re-signed key players, added more […]

“Maryland Youth Football is here to Stay”

December 14, 2009 |

This weekend, all the areas football teams won big, the Baltimore Ravens over the Detroit Lions, 48-3, and the Washington Redskins over the Oakland Raiders, 34-13. But either team won bigger than the youths of the proud state of Maryland as championship contending teams played for state titles where there were no losers. For the […]

“Freeman’s Next Big Step to Effect His Community”

November 07, 2009 |

Making a impact in communities where the word ‘help’ is heard throughout the city of Baltimore, but many with the power to respond and make change turn a deaf nose. This is not the case for Baltimore native and Green Bay Packer Hall of Famer Antonio Freeman who is a product of East Baltimore and […]

“Officer Craig Continues to Walk in His Destiny, as a Raven”

October 14, 2009 |

Surviving the streets of Baltimore City is an accomplishment alone because of the drugs, the violence and negative peer groups. Baltimore City Police don’t make things easier as corruptions starts from the top down to the officers that walk the beat. No matter how different life is on the streets and how the city police […]

“Four out of six from the Area Re-Signed, Tickets on Sale and Workouts in October”

September 29, 2009 |

The Baltimore Mariners are serious about capitalizing on their success of 2009 by re-signing six important players (four from the area), offering affordable ticket packages for fan support where the team was 6-1 last season at First Mariner Arena and a workout for undiscovered talent on Oct. 10. Defensive end/ linebacker Joe Taylor (Morgan State), […]