Author | Brien Jackson

Don’t sleep on Maryland’s B1G chances

May 20, 2014 | Brien Jackson

When the 2014 football season gets underway for Randy Edsall and the Maryland Terrapins, fans will have to make some pretty big adjustments to what they’ve become accustomed to watching year in and year out. Gone are games against the likes of Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida State, and in their place the Terps will […]

Jones won’t sustain free-swinging success

May 19, 2014 | Brien Jackson

Saturday night I had what, I’m pretty sure, is a first time experience for me. Whilst partaking in that grand summer tradition of sitting out on my deck and enjoying both a beautiful Eastern Shore evening and baseball on the radio, I listened to Joe Angel and Dave Johnson essentially call Adam Jones’ failure to […]

Lineup not getting enough scrutiny for O’s inconsistency

May 16, 2014 | Brien Jackson

Through the first month and a half of the baseball season, the vast majority of the criticism leveled at the team has been focused on the pitching. Starters not going deep enough into games, giving up too many runs, Tommy Hunter giving everyone heart palpatations and so on have drawn a disproportionate share of the […]

Tommy Hunter’s no good very bad luck

May 12, 2014 | Brien Jackson

After blowing his second save of the season Saturday night, Tommy Hunter was the talk of the radio Sunday morning. The first time closer has been a hot topic all season thus far, as he does his level best to impersonate Jim Johnson in the ninth inning: Racking up saves in the most nail-biting ways […]

Mosley selection raises more questions than it answers

May 09, 2014 | Brien Jackson

Though you could hear the hearts of draftniks in the Ravens’ fanbase breaking all the way from Westminster to Ocean City when Dallas passed up the temptation of Johnny Manziel to draft Notre Dame offenive lineman Zack Martin just one pick ahead of the purple and black, everyone figured Ozzie Newsome and company still had […]

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