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The Ones Left Behind

July 06, 2009 |

I promised my wife I would leave my job and sports alone while on vacation. For the most part I’ve stuck to people watching on the beach & boardwalk.  I’ve only watched a few innings of Orioles baseball and don’t think I’ve missed much.  I know I’m echoing the sentiments of the other bloggers on […]

Can You Believe It!

July 01, 2009 |

When I pulled the car into the parking lot at work Tom Davis and Dave Johnson were fielding calls about the potential trades, player development, and pitching. They announced the game would resume in about half an hour. I shut the car off and went inside. Man did I miss the game of the month, […]

Sunday Woes: The O’s & Soccer

June 29, 2009 |

Yesterday was a disappointing day for Baltimore and American sports fans.      The O’s continued their poor play on Sundays and series finales. They had plenty of opportunities to sweep their rivals from Washington but couldn’t make the big play offensively or defensively.   I can take Matt Wietters bad throw trying to gun […]

Shaq & the O’s

June 26, 2009 |

Will Shaq help LeBron bring a championship to Cleveland? Hell Yes!!!  This is a medium risk high reward trade. At one time Shaq was the most physically imposing players in the NBA. In his day, his size and strength were unmatched in the NBA.  He had a great comeback year in Phoenix and looked like […]

5 W’s and a Father’s Day Wish

June 20, 2009 |

Before I head to Philly today I wanted to get a post in now that my suspension is over.   I wanted to respond to some comments about “Are you on the O’s Bandwagon.” Andrew & Glen, I meant people are jumping on and off and back on again and then off again. Sweet Pete […]