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A Thank You To Tom Watson

July 20, 2009 |

With all due respect to Stewart Cink, this past weekend was not about him. It was never supposed to be, and it never will be. Yes, I know he won the British Open. But, when we talk about what went down at Turnberry years from now, we won’t be talking about Cink. We’ll be talking […]

Why Sanchez’ No Hitter Was Special

July 13, 2009 |

I’ve been lucky. I’ve covered a lot of baseball over the last fifteen years. Got to go to a couple of All Star Games. Was in attendance at a couple of World Series. But, there’s something special about watching a no-hitter. To me, there’s nothing like it. To watch someone completely shut down an opposing […]

Now Isn’t The Time To Focus On McNair’s Faults

July 08, 2009 |

A lot happened since my last column. Roger Federer became the undisputed King of the Slams. Manny Ramirez returned from his steroid suspension and found that the fans missed him more than the critics thought they would. Serena Williams beat her sister and won her second Grand Slam of the year, but is still ranked […]

Rubio Undeserving Of Special Treatment

June 29, 2009 |

Before the hype for the NBA Draft began six plus weeks ago – when the Los Angeles Clippers won the lottery – how many of you out there knew about Ricky Rubio? Sure, some NBA writers wrote a couple of blurbs about him being the next Pete Maravich. And, yes, there were some grainy videos […]

Don’t Feel Bad For Blake Griffin

June 25, 2009 |

Blake Griffin made the right decision to leave Oklahoma for the NBA a few months ago. There were those that thought he should have left a year ago, but there was no way he was going to be the top pick in a draft that included Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, and O.J. Mayo.   Griffin […]