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Here’s The Real Reason Why Boxing Is Dying

June 22, 2009 |

As a kid, I spent many weekend afternoons watching boxing on free television. Back in the seventies and eighties, ABC, CBS, and NBC all had championship fights on every couple of weeks or so. And, if they weren’t championship fights, they were fights involving guys that would go on to become big stars in the […]

Why I’m Rooting For Lefty

June 18, 2009 |

The U.S. Open begins today at Bethpage Black just outside New York City. Tiger Woods seems to be the favorite by those who take the gamble and predict these things (predicting who will win any golf tournament is one of the hardest things to do as far as predicting goes).   Would I like to […]

The NHL Just Can’t Get A Break

June 15, 2009 |

Last week I wrote about the NHL and why I think Commissioner Gary Bettman needs to go. If you missed it, here’s your chance to get caught up.   Game Seven went off without a hitch on Friday night. Pittsburgh, to the surprise of most, won the game at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit to […]

Ibanes Is Blaming The Wrong People

June 11, 2009 |

Raul Ibanez of the Philadelphia Phillies is not a happy camper right now. Not by any stretch of the imagination.   It’s hard to see why. The thirty-seven year old outfielder, who toiled in Seattle and Kansas City in relative anonymity for years, signed a big money free agent deal with Philly this past off-season. […]

I Should Have Listened To My Wife

June 08, 2009 |

Everyone I know has one of these stories. There’s the guy who goes to Vegas once a year and puts his NFL bets down. Sure enough, at the end of the year, when he loses everything he turn around and says something to the effect of, “You know, I was going to put money on […]