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O’s need to find their Rex Ryan

April 29, 2010 |

“We’re not here to kiss their rings”; that was Rex Ryan’s comment in reference to how his Jets would compete with the hallowed Patriots of Bill Belichick. It’s often said that the toughest thing to do in sports is to stop losing.  Losing is infectious and it spreads throughout an organization, creeping into the player’s […]

Ravens have Hijacked “The Oriole Way”

April 24, 2010 |

As the Ravens wrap up what is widely considered another successful draft we hear the familiar terminology filling the airwaves and Internet; “best player available”, “tremendous value pick”, “plays like a Raven”, etc.  The Ravens do things the right way.  They place a premium on scouting and player development, they typically shy away from big […]

Bergesen Looks an Awful lot like Josh Towers…

April 21, 2010 |

…and I do mean awful.  The Orioles mercifully optioned the struggling Bergesen to AAA Norfolk yesterday after his latest disastrous effort.  Bergesen looked to be a big part the O’s pitching plans coming into this season but thus far he’s pitched to a robust 12.19 ERA through 3 starts.  Granted, his defense has failed him […]

Enjoying the Beantown Letdown

April 20, 2010 |

Yes, the Orioles suck once again.  What else is new?  Oh yeah, the Red Sox are nearly as bad as the O’s.  After losing today to the Rays, their 5th straight loss, the BoSox are now 4-9 and just 1-6 in the once friendly confines of Fenway.  Enjoy it while it lasts. The biggest question […]

Finally Doing it Right in Minnesota

April 15, 2010 |

After years of playing baseball in the World’s Largest Tupperware container the Minnesota Twins finally get to play in a Major League Quality ballpark. Target Field opened on Monday in Minnesota to much fanfare. The Twins have built a sustainable, competitive model for their organization that the Orioles would be wise to copy and now […]