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Memories of NHL 94 “The Greatest Sports Video Game Of All Time”

February 02, 2010 |

Think back to the early 90’s you got your Buddies over spending the night, ordered Pizza, Parrents asleep and you and your Buddies are watching Skinamax when some one came up with the Brilliant idea of having a NHL 94 Tournament. Were talking Super Nintendo NHL 94, Not the Sega Geneses Version. You might say […]

Can Ovechkin Reach 50 Goals in 50 Games?

October 30, 2009 |

Can Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin reach hallowed plateau in the NHL of getting 50 Goals in 50 Games. Now keep in the mind this is the 50th game of the team the player plays for. Alot of Stars of the past have came close like Hall of Famers Jari Kurri, Mario Lemieux, Cam Neely […]

Are You Really Ready For Sunday To Come?

October 28, 2009 |

This has to be one of the finest moments in my life, I finally have a blog up on Baltimore’s Best Local Sports Website….WNST. Thanks for the round of applause, but now lets to get to my take…Trentler’s Take Has the sky fallen on the Ravens Playoff chances? It sounds like an easy question to […]