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NFL Picks: Week 9

November 06, 2010 |

Another week in the NFL, and yet another week of chaos. The two teams I had deemed the two best teams in the league both fell in Week 8. The Jets put up a goose egg in a 9-0 home defeat to the Green Bay Packers, and the Steelers couldn’t move the ball in a […]

NFL Picks: Week 8

October 31, 2010 |

These days, NFL is king. How can we be so sure? I mean, there’s the merchandise sales, TV revenue, ticket prices. But above all of that, I know because I care this week. And my team isn’t even playing. In sixteen-game NFL season, every week matters, every game matters, even if it doesn’t involve your […]

NFL Picks: Week 7

October 23, 2010 |

After a week six that included two overtime games, Ben Roethlisberger’s return and the emergnce of the Philadelphia Eagles as a favorite in the NFC, I can confidently say that I’m ready for anything this week. Except more talk about Brett Favre and his text messages. Can we please stop with that already? My picks […]

NFL Picks: Week 6

October 16, 2010 |

As we hit the middle of October, I think it’s time for a little power rankings. My top 5 at this point in the season have to be the Jets, Steelers, Ravens, Colts, and Falcons in some order. The biggest newsflash we can draw from the early weeks? Maybe that the AFC top tier teams […]

NFL Picks: Week 5

October 09, 2010 |

As we enter October, football season rolls on with new contenders establishing themselves among the league’s elite. (Hello, Houston, we’ve been waiting for you.) Meanwhile, back in Princeton as the semester progresses, I get less time to write this article. So unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, if you don’t actually like this article, but then why […]