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A day of conflict for us all to enjoy

May 01, 2009 |

So let’s go down the list of sporting events we have to look forward to on throughout Saturday. There’s: Game 1 of Penguins & Capitals The Kentucky Derby Game 7 of Bulls & Celtics (again, I love game 7) A Jr. welterweight title fight The third round of Quail Hollow And oh yeah, the Orioles […]

Boy I Love Game 7

April 28, 2009 |

I’ve always enjoyed the types of sporting events where each team only one shot. One game to win or lose. Thus my affinity for the NFL playoffs, College Football and March Madness. When baseball, basketball and hockey get to playoff time, it usually takes a real good series or match-up to make me fully invested. […]

Ozzie Newsome’s Ace in the Hole

April 26, 2009 |

Disclaimer: Though I am currently an employee of the Baltimore Ravens, I have no insight or inside knowledge on the offseason moves, past, present or future, of General Manager Ozzie Newsome or Head Coach John Harbaugh. I’m just an intern, people. And with that, on to the blog post. (Deep Breath)…. OK. The Draft is […]

That’s Just How It’s Gonna Be This Season

April 18, 2009 |

You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Or in this case, the bat. As painful as it was last night watching the O’s squander a 7-0 lead against Boston, I can’t say I was all that surprised. And why would I be.? Fans and pundits alike have been lamenting the pitching rotation […]

Masters Musings – Part 2

April 12, 2009 |

For a while it looked like one of the two best golfers in the world would pull off another amazing finish in a down-to-the-wire duel to win another green jacket, and in the end there was indeed a playoff to determine who would win the 7th Masters Tournament at Augusta. But Tiger and Phil both […]