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Ravens, Rants and Rankings – week 2

September 22, 2009 |

 Ravens, Rants and Rankings – week 2 Ravens   Ravens 31 – Chargers 28.  We have witnessed a lot of defining moments in the career of Ray Lewis; his Super Bowl performance, his open field stick of Eddie George that knocked him out of the game, his interception and return for a touchdown in the […]

Ravens, Rants and Ratings

September 15, 2009 |

Ravens, Rants and Ratings – week 1 Ravens 38 – Chiefs 24. Good win, weird game!! First of all, thanks for covering, I have gotten beat more times then I care to count on back door covers. Glad to see it works the other way on occasion. My check book thanks you, Ravens!! The game […]

Fire Charlie Weis now, PLEASE!!!!

September 12, 2009 |

I hadn’t planned to post another blog prior to the Raven’s game, but what I saw today just infuriated me. I am a life long Notre Dame football fan. I have been a fan in the good times and bad. I presume being a Notre Dame fan is a lot like being a New York […]

Give the Man his due

September 09, 2009 |

On the eve of another football season starting, and with expectations for our Baltimore Ravens running higher then normal, there is something that I need to say with regards to our football team. Most sports broadcasts are doing their year preview and most all are predicting success for the purple birds. It is pointless to […]

Ravens Preview

September 02, 2009 |

I decided to do my preview of the 2009 season after the Carolina pre-season game because I hope that the first line offense and defense does not even get on the field in Atlanta, in fact, don’t even let them board the plane to go to Atlanta. I have seen all I need to see […]