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CP Needs A Little Help For 3rd Place

August 08, 2008 |

Tomorrow’s matchup between Crystal Palace and Richmond could be a preview of a semi-final playoff matchup. The 3-1 loss to Bermuda was a hard one for the Crystal Palace FC to swallow but it didn’t finish their chances for a 3rd place spot in the upcoming playoffs. Even if Crystal Palace wins tomorrow in Richmond […]

Crystal Palace Beats Bermuda 3-0

August 05, 2008 |

Dreams of a 1st Round playoff bye and a berth into the semi-final went by the side after the Richmond Kickers beat the Wilmington Hammerheads Saturday 3-2. So all the Crystal Palace team has left to play for is a 3rd Place finish in the standings and a 3rd Place berth into the playoffs. 3rd Place was […]

Crystal Palace Wins Inaugural DeOrsey Cup

August 01, 2008 |

Last night the Crystal Palace squad held on for dear life as the Real Maryland squad tried to steal one away. Going into stoppage time Crystal Palace held a 3-1 lead and had for the most part dominated the Real Maryland side. Real Maryland scored their second goal of the game in the second minute […]

Crystal Palace Earns Playoff Berth

July 26, 2008 |

This past Thursday the Crystal Palace FC won their matchup against Harrisburg 2-1 to earn a berth into the playoffs. Crystal Palace became the 4th team to earn a playoff spot, leaving two more spots up in the air. The true test for the Crystal Palace FC comes tonight in Charlotte against the 1st Place […]

O’s PR Screws Up Another One!!

July 24, 2008 |

Last night I got to witness a Madhouse @ Camden Yards 1st hand as the O’s PR Department tried to do something nice for the fans and it backed fired as usual!! The 83 O’s Celebration seemed to be getting off on the right foot when we were coming through the gates. We could see […]