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Baltimore Ravens

“Baby Ray” likely to make an impact for the Ravens

August 06, 2009 |

 Ravens fans traveling to Westminster will see a linebacker who wears the number 56  flying all over the field making play after play. A third round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft; University of Miami linebacker Tavares Gooden became the first linebacker from the “U” selected by the Ravens since some guy named Ray Lewis. […]

Matusz's debut provides some much needed excitement in yet another miserable baseball summer

Matusz’s debut provides some much needed excitement in yet another miserable baseball summer

August 04, 2009 |

 It is hard to be excited about a team that is 44-61 and again in last place, especially with football season right around the corner. But, unlike the previous 11 summers, this Orioles team is providing me with some excitement this August. The reason for that excitement is that another “piece” toward contending in the […]

I still trust in Ozzie, but that trust is waning a little bit

July 30, 2009 |

 For years every time Ozzie Newsome has made a decision that some fans questioned;Ozzie supporters uttered the statement “ in Ozzie we trust”. I can not knock Ozzie Newsome’s track record, but his lack of ability or desire to bring in a big time wide receiver has my trust waning just a little bit. Coming […]

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The International Soccer Invasion is a good thing for Baltimore

July 23, 2009 |

On July 24th the city of Baltimore will experience something it has never experienced before; an international soccer match. Many people were skeptical that the city would support a game but, after selling out all 70,000 tickets in a short amount of time, that skepticism has been put to bed. Baltimore will be experiencing a […]

Key 2009 Ravens Positional Battles

July 23, 2009 |

After free agency and the draft, the Ravens will enter training camp with many question marks at positions on both sides of the ball. These positional battles will go a long way in determining how much success they will have and if they can make a return trip to the playoffs. Here are some of […]