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Pitchers Old, Pitchers New, Pitchers Local…..and the NBA

May 11, 2009 |

In my last blog, I covered Randy Johnson, and his struggle towards 300 games. Another ancient lefty, Jamie Moyer, is stumbling towards his next milestone as well. As a 16 game winner in ’08, Moyer was far and away the most productive over-forty pitcher during the ’08 campaign. However, ’09 hasn’t been as kind to […]

A Month into the Baseball Season….

April 30, 2009 |

As April turns to May, there are several interesting story lines playing themselves out in the baseball world. Besides Zack Greinke being the best pitcher on the planet, and Heath Bell (yeah, he’s a Padre) leading the majors in saves, there are a few other things for fans to keep in mind. 1.       The longer […]

The ACC (Atlantic Choke Conference)

March 21, 2009 |

I know one day (or actually two) shouldn’t take away from four months of work, but the ACC embarrassed itself greatly in the last 48 hours. All season, we heard how the Big East might be the best conference ever, but ACC pundits, and the increasilngly questionable RPI had the Atlantic Coast Conference as the […]

A One-Year, 6.5 Million Dollar, Opportunity Lost

March 09, 2009 |

Let’s go back to a topic I posted a couple days ago, which got many responses, most of which similar in nature. I suggested the Ravens strongly consider signing Terrell Owens, and people came at me with such things as “The thin Pennsylvania air is getting to you,” and “I’d like to have some of […]

The Ravens Should Land T.O…Here’s How.

March 06, 2009 |

Tell me he’s not exactly what the Ravens need on the field: a big receiver, who makes plays. I know he’s older and not as good as he used to be, but hasn’t he’s still led the NFL in receiving  yards since 2004? And in general, he’s loved in the locker room, at least by […]