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Bob Kraft is A Horse’s @$$

January 30, 2015 | Marty Mossa

Bob Kraft owner of the New England Patriots is an arrogant pompous ass. He stood at the podium Monday Night lecturing the media and the footballs fans about morality for judging the Patriots. Kraft said that the media and NFL will have to “apologize” to him, Tom Brady and Bill Bellicheck for having the audacity [...]


Cowboys/Chrstie An Unholy Alliance

January 08, 2015 | Marty Mossa

I used to like Chris Christie the Governor of New jersey. I don’t anymore. I used to love the Dallas Cowboys, but I don’t anymore. In fact I think I now hate the Cowboys; especially how the zebras stole the game from the Detroit Lions last Sunday. I found it a little more than suspicious [...]


Ravens Scratch 43 Year Itch

January 05, 2015 | Marty Mossa

Well it finally ended. The Pittsburgh jinx is over. Not only did the Baltimore Ravens beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh, in a playoff game, with the rights to move to the final eight, not only did they add another chapter in Baltimore Ravens folk lore, they did something that couldn’t be done on seven attempts, [...]


Pittsburgh, Panthers, Pathetic

December 31, 2014 | Marty Mossa

Today I’m going to address the P’s of the week: Pittsburgh, Panthers and Pathetic. The Steelers and Ravens will meet for the fourth time in the post season. The 7-8-1 Panthers will host a playoff game this weekend. Finally I will discuss that coward of a commissioner Roger Goodell who is allowing Ndatthaamukong Suh to [...]


And Down The Stretch They Come: The AFC Playoff Battle

December 06, 2014 | Marty Mossa

This blog is to the point, pure and simple. The Ravens head into week 14 at the 9th spot, three rungs short of a playoff spot. Below are the teams above us, their record and their remaining schedules. For the Raven, the bottom line is this; the Purple Birds need to run the table and [...]

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