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What Ray Lewis means to this Baltimore fan

January 03, 2013 | Paul Hoke

I consider myself a tweener. Old enough to remember going to Baltimore Colts games, but too young to have been a part of the “real” Baltimore Colts of my father’s generation.  Old enough to remember the Colts rolling out of town that gray day in March of 1984, and the subsequent years following without a […]

My Pro-Joe Flacco rant

December 29, 2012 | Paul Hoke

I don’t post or write on here nearly as much as I used to.  Maybe that can be my New Year’s resolution, to be more opinionated on the Barstool of WNST.  Either way, I may not post as much, but I do listen.  And read.  And occasionally chime in during Drew and Glenn’s respective shows […]

Just a little note from a Ravens fan

December 02, 2012 | Paul Hoke

Just wanted to drop a note to everyone as we await our game between our beloved Baltimore Ravens (9-2) against the hated Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5). I have DirecTv.  I also have the NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows me to watch every NFL game every Sunday.  And as I sit here in my living room flipping […]

The NHL lockout, and why it’s stupid

November 03, 2012 | Paul Hoke

I LOVE hockey.  I’m not ashamed to say that of all four major professional sports in this country, hockey Indian-wrestles baseball as my second favorite behind football.  I love my Washington Capitals, and as my dad before me, I have raised my son to Rock the Red when the calendar turns to October and the […]

Savor October 7, 2012

October 06, 2012 | Paul Hoke

I’ve been holding off until the end of the season to discuss my feelings on the Baltimore Orioles magical 2012 season.  Not sure why, but everytime I sat down to write something, the Orioles accomplished one more thing to add to things I would want to cover.  So, I found that it was just easier […]

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