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Arena Decision Part II

July 24, 2008 |

I do not want to see the Blast go out of business. I’m not sure what the new MISL will be but I do know if it’s going to have a chance it needs the arena to be built in another location so all the events that flow downtown can still survive. The businesses which […]

Leaked Arena Decision = Economic Suicide

July 22, 2008 |

So it’s been leaked apparently that the new Baltimore Arena is going to be constructed on the same site thus putting a city and local businesses in desperate need of revenue not only from amusement tax but parking, related entertainment revenue, etc out of business for three years! Whose bright idea is this anyway? The Baltimore Blast and Mariners will […]

Indoor Soccer is BACK!!!!!!!

July 10, 2008 |

Tonight at 7pm you can see former Blast players: Neto, De lima, and Denison Cabral play Futsal at the Baltimore Convention Center. This may be the only version of indoor soccer left in Baltimore. See it while you can.

MISL Team Meets With It’s Players:

June 04, 2008 |

As a former member of a management team it’s never easy to meet with your loyal employees to either announce a major change in structure or a going out of business. I had this unfortunate task back in 2000 when Aisle 3 closed its doors. Here is what I learned happened at one MISL team […]

Indoor Soccer: Go Big Or Go Home!

June 03, 2008 |

So Monday came and everyone finally confirmed what we broke here on WNST on Saturday morning that the MISL indeed ceased operations. In fact even ESPN had it on their update crawl last night. Isn’t it sad when the only time this league makes national news is when it’s going out of business not when […]