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Family Fun – Mora, Mora, Mora (Mora, Mora, Mora)

March 16, 2008 |

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — One of the nicest parts of Orioles spring training is watching the interaction between players and their families. In the more relaxed setting of Fort Lauderdale Stadium, players and their girlfriends, wives, kids and relatives interact a lot more openly than at Camden Yards, where they are held in a special […]

Retriever Pride

March 15, 2008 |

While I’ve always been proud to be an alumni of UMBC, that pride has come with a caveat: explaining the acronym to people staring blankly, not quite sure how a school with “University of Maryland” in its name is not affiliated with its big brother in College Park. (Of course, it once was — when […]

Warm Chocolatetown thoughts

February 24, 2008 |

Spending the weekend in Hershey, Pa., watching one of the American Hockey League’s stellar franchises. If you’ve got the opportunity to get up to Giant Center for a game, by all means do it! It’s a wonderful venue and the action on the ice is pretty good, too. Last night’s game, of course, was not […]

Word association …

February 17, 2008 |

As we deal with chilly temperatures, forecasts of wintry mixes and wonder whether Home Depot will still have shovels and salt, I offer these warm thoughts: The four most wonderful words in the English language: Pitchers and catchers report. The three most wonderful words in the English language: Full squad workout. The two most wonderful […]

Pardon the interruption …

February 09, 2008 |

News flash … Tony Kornheister — yes, the ESPN chatmaster, himself — is sitting in the RAC Arena at UMBC right this very minute. If you catch this afternoon’s Binghamton-UMBC game on MASN, you’ll probably see him. Five seats in from the aisle, right behind the bench. This isn’t really news. Kornheiser is a regular […]