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Ravens Win…

December 08, 2008 |

Last night, I had a chance to watch the game from an interesting perspective. I worked the game for Westwood One/CBS Radio as a sideline reporter. No, I’m not trying to “big time” you. Sitting on the sidelines gives you a completely different view on the game. For years, as a youngster, you always look […]

Sandtown Winchester Wolverines

December 01, 2008 |

The Sandtown Winchester Wolverines are one of the areas best football team. The young men range from the ages of 13-15 and are in need of help to get to Florida for the right to play for a National Championship. The young men are in need of your support. It takes approximately $400 to send […]

What Are They Doing?

November 18, 2008 |

So, I’m watching Monday Night Football last night and I see the match-up. With all of the great match-ups around the league and all of the traditional powers in the league, we get the Cleveland Browns versus the Buffalo Bills. That doesn’t even sound exciting, and I’m a “junkie.” Now, it turned out to be […]

Humble Pie

November 17, 2008 |

First, let me start off by saying, I don’t like the New York Giants, from a fan’s aspect. I mean, I don’t root for them, or even cheer for any one player on their team. However, I do respect them as a great football team. Over the past three weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of […]

Hot Potato

October 27, 2008 |

The AFC, as we discussed last week, is a conference of uncertainty. Just when it looked like teams such as the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers were ready to take over, they go and lose to the Miami Dolphins, big surprise, and the New York Giants, no surprise there. Meanwhile, the Ravens, the New York […]