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My Favorite NCAA Upset: 1996 Princeton over UCLA

March 17, 2008 |

I remember this game like it was yesterday. It was the first of my 11 NCAA Tournaments that I have worked over the past decade. I was the tv stats guy working with Gus Johnson and former Indiana Hoosier Quinn Buckner. UCLA- the defending National Champions- had last names of McCoy, Bailey, O’Bannon, and Dollar […]

Best Play-By-Play in NCAA Tournament: Gus Johnson

March 11, 2008 |

“The slipper still fits”- one of Gus’s greatest lines when Gonzaga contiined it’s remarkable journey thru the tournament a few years ago. It stiil sticks today. Johnson has called more upsets than anyone in the history of the NCAA Tournament. In 1996- his first year of working the NCAA Tournament- he called the magical upset […]

Maryland Will Turn Down NIT Bid Due To Scheduling Conflict

March 10, 2008 |

Unless they somehow get to the NCAA Tournament…that is! A black cloud is hanging over the Maryland Men’s Basketball Team. The Terps have lost a few hearbreakers over the last few weeks- and when they needed to beat a team that was 4-11 in the ACC (Virginia) to secure an NCAA bid- the hotel they stayed […]

A New Face in NCAA Basketball Officiating

March 09, 2008 |

After watching yet another Duke- UNC game last night (feel like I watch one every day) I noticed one thing: the officiating this year in Men’s Basketball is gawd aweful. Everyone on the court in last night’s Duke- UNC game should have fouled out. I don’t know where head official Teddy Valentine and his crew were last night- but they […]

The Day After the Meltdown: Maryland Basketball

March 04, 2008 |

I’m reading these blogs on this website and nobody is giving any details as to what happened in the game last night. Let’s see some facts.  Wanna know how to lose a game after being up by 20 with 11 minutes to go?  Well here’s how you do it: Team        summary:   FG 3FG FT   1st […]