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Ryan Baumohl’s Beginner’s Luck: Wednesday Evening

August 11, 2010 |

Well Baltimore, we are one day away from the start of football season, and in fact it is going to be a great month of August, not only for Sports Fans but for a wide variety of people. Lets have  a look at what is on tap for the rest of the month of August. […]

Buck Showalter: The Right Man For the Job?

Buck Showalter: The Right Man For the Job?

August 07, 2010 |

Well, I think so far the answer is yes. 4-0 and tying the longest winning streak of the year, right now I don’t know how you can doubt Showalter. Even before this 4 game winning streak I was a huge supporter of signing Buck. This is a very young team with a couple of  veterans, […]

Ryan Baumohl's Beginner's Luck: Friday Afternoon

Ryan Baumohl’s Beginner’s Luck: Friday Afternoon

August 06, 2010 |

Well yesterday I had a job interview the University of Maryland and on my drive I was thinking about blog ideas, and it finally hit me. I enjoy waking up every morning and sometime between 10-11 A.M. reading Glenn Clark’s Crabs and Beer blog. I am going to try and do a similar thing but […]

Manchester City Vs. Inter Milan Part 8: Final Thoughts

August 01, 2010 |

Well let me start off by apologizing (again). When I heard the terms preseason or exhibition game I thought of an NFL game. You know, the kind where the starters start, but may not play that much.  Well that is how Manchester City saw this game, giving only a couple starters the day off, but […]

Manchester City Vs Inter Milan Part 7: Final Comparison and Predictions

July 31, 2010 |

Well,  as I expressed in my last blog,  according to multiple sources some big name players such as David Silva, Nigel De Jong, Carlos Tevez and Wesley Sneijder will not be participating in the big game tonight, and it is unclear if any are even going to be in town. So here is my final […]