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COMMISSIONER FOR A DAY – PART ONE: So you want to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox? Eliminate the DH.

February 10, 2010 |

As Baltimore continues to get pounded by snow, it gets tougher and tougher to believe that the Baltimore Orioles will have their pitchers and catchers report to Florida later next week.  It’s now time to shift our focus back to baseball. So as the season approaches, it’s time to start wishing the Orioles could change […]

How to win the beanball war!

August 18, 2009 |

It’s hard to imagine that a player like Garrett Anderson has only been hit 8 times in his career. He’s seen over 29,000 pitches, and has had nearly 9000 at-bats. It’s not like he is a hack. He’s a career .296 hitter, approaching 300 homers, and has driven in over 1300 runs in his big […]

MLB Attendance Figures to be a problem for most

August 06, 2009 |

As the baseball season reaches the 108 game mark, I was wondering how the economy has affected people going to the ballpark. Obviously here in Baltimore, on any given night except when the Red Sox or Yankees are in town, there are an awful lot of people dressed as forest green seats. So, I took […]

Remembering Harry Kalas

April 18, 2009 |

Today, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of the last great broadcasters is being honored.  Harry Kalas, as we are all aware of, passed away on Monday doing what he loved.  Harry died in our nation’s capital, preparing for the Nationals opening day game versus the Phillies.  He was 73 years young.  During the off season, Harry […]

I agree…..5 minutes isn’t quite enough!

April 16, 2009 |

Well, the monologue for the contest is over.  So was my allotted time.  As Nestor entered the studio at the 4 minute mark, I began to panic.  Already?  Wow, that was a fast 4 minutes.  I had way too much left to say.  With every second ticking away, Nestor began his, ” you’re out of […]