Author | Chad Lamasa

O’s Losing Culture Must End

June 01, 2010 | Chad Lamasa

I just finished reading Chuck Thompson’s autobiography. Not sure why it took me so long to read, but I just discovered the book amongst a bunch of stuff and figured it was time. It was a great book and if you haven’t read it, I would recommend doing so. There is a quote near the […]


May 10, 2010 | Chad Lamasa

As the Capitals, were unceremoniously excused from the playoffs by the Montreal Canadiens,I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect back on the regular season. Not in terms of  wins or losses (Ed does a phenomenal job of that) but rather my experiences as a rookie season ticket holder.   I went to four or five […]

Is It Time For The Crow To Fly Away?

May 05, 2010 | Chad Lamasa

Terry Crowley is currently in his second tour of duty with the Orioles as hitting coach. Originally hired in that capacity in 1985, he left here for Minnesota after the 1988 season, then returned in 1999.   Best known for his pinch hitting prowess, during his playing career, his 109 career pinch hits still ranks in […]

Quick Bits about the O’s

April 21, 2010 | Chad Lamasa

Below are some things I heard on the way in to work, while listening to the Comcast Morning Show, regarding the Orioles. I don’t really have enough to write a whole blog on any of them but I still wanted to give my opinions.   “They should apologize to us”. Stacey Long provided this line (as kind of a throw […]

Broken Sticks, Rosin Bags, And A Story

April 07, 2010 | Chad Lamasa

These are just a few videos I’ve found entertaining. I know the last two are a bit older but they are still great. This is the second best coaching meltdown I’ve seen, or at least that I remember. Ironically his last name is Playfair.  Wrestling fans may appreciate the Hulk Hogan tribute, part way through. […]

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