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William Donald Schaefer

April 21, 2011 | Shawn Credle

This past Monday, the city of Baltimore, and the state of Maryland, lost a true icon in city and state politics.  William Donald Schaefer meant so much to many of the citizens of this state, where he served as mayor of Baltimore for 16 years, Governor for 8 years, and Comptroller for another 8 years.  He […]

Thank You Ted (and others)! Caps play in Baltimore in September!

April 18, 2011 | Shawn Credle

Eight months ago, I wrote an open letter to Ted Leonsis, asking him, on behalf of Baltimore hockey fans, to consider bringing the Washington Capitals (and Wizards) to Baltimore to play a few games.  Here’s a sample of what I wrote: “Mr. Leonsis, I would like to reach out to you on behalf of the […]


March 08, 2011 | Shawn Credle

“This team is improving. And while it’s nearly the end of the season, one would have to be optimistic about next year’s ballclub. Now, I’m not predicting playoffs just yet. But if the O’s can win at least 16 games per month next season, that will give them a minimum of 96 wins for the […]

WNST presents “My Italian Dinner with Bruno Sammartino!” on October 9th

September 20, 2010 | Shawn Credle

  If you followed the WNST Baltimore Idol Competition (and congratulations to the winner, Chris Vinson, by the way), you heard Nestor Aparicio talk about my love and involvement with professional wrestling. For the last 25 years, I have watched pro wrestling. And while a lot of sports fans do not like pro wrestling, there […]

1-1, but should it be 0-2 for the Ravens??

September 20, 2010 | Shawn Credle

In Game #1, the Baltimore Ravens managed to hold off the New York Jets, 10-9, when Dustin Keller failed to run one more yard to extend the drive for the Jets. In that game, Quarterback Joe Flacco was 20/38 for 248 yards, zero touchdowns and one interception. Any problems with the team were overlooked by […]

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