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Another stumble lands Arrieta in Triple A

July 06, 2012 |

The famously hot and cold Jake Arrieta sent his evil twin to the mound at Angel Stadium last night, but he won’t see the inside of a major league stadium again for a while. The Orioles gave him a 7-3 lead in the fourth inning, and he surrendered two runs before being relieved in the […]

Thome: Two thumbs up.

July 02, 2012 |

The Jim Thome acquisition boosted most people’s sense of optimism that the Orioles can reverse the dreadful downturn of the last two weeks. The team wasn’t executing any facet of the game well, and the punchless lineup might as well have been the first thing Dan Duquette addressed. He got the right guy. As 609 […]

Orioles honor the Earl of Baltimore

June 30, 2012 |

The legendary Earl of Baltimore returns for a ceremony to unveil a statue of him in the center field area of Camden Yards. He’s 5-foot-7, and his statue is 7 feet tall. His players revered him because they knew they’d win with him at the helm. But it has always seemed as if the bad […]

A star is a far cry from being born.

June 29, 2012 |

It was the audition to end all auditions. No wait, I hope it wasn’t the audition to end all auditions, because another one would be nice. I fought beltway traffic for 45 minutes and got there late, all the while listening in the car as I was deservedly abused for being late to WNST on […]

Indians Provide No Tonic

June 28, 2012 |

So here we were, thinking the arrival of the Indians at Camden Yards would be a break in the schedule for the Orioles after two spankings by the Angels. Turns out the Orioles’ slump with runners on base didn’t just happen, and happen, and happen, against powerhouse teams. It’s an ongoing thing for the time […]