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The Ravens’ Walking Wounded

January 12, 2009 |

There is no better way to Tampa than to steamroll the Steelers. I am ready to purchase my airline ticket. None of this is possible without the walking wounded of the Ravens. Unfortunately, there are plenty walking wounded on the Ravens. May be the unsung hero of this group is Jared Gaither. He arguably plays the most [...]

Oh! He got his bell rung.

December 29, 2008 |

Most of you have now seen the highlight of Ben Roethlisberger’s head smashing the turf in yesterday’s game. This play will give much needed attention to head sports injuries. The Center for Disease Control attributes 20% of brain injury to athletics. This is > 300,000 brain injuries per year. Here at Advanced Care Physical Therapy [...]

Youth Sports Injuries

December 22, 2008 |

My son started his winter sport this past week participating in recreation league basketball. I got new basketball shoes for him to protect his feet and to help keep him safe on the court. We went to practice at an elementary school. The players were sliding some because the gym had not been swept. The walls [...]

My Best Physical Therapy Advice…Avoid Injury

December 15, 2008 |

I was at the Ravens’ game this Sunday and I am rehabilitating my psyche. We should never have put ourselves in position to let the refs influence the out come of the game. AHHHH! I am still confident about playoffs. The best way to avoid rehabilitation is to avoid injury. The greater number of sports [...]

Injury Rehabilitation

December 08, 2008 |

The goal of rehabilitation in physical therapy is to promote healing and to restore normal function in the shortest possible time. The goal of rehabilitation of sports injuries is a little different than the general population in that it is more vigorous and more intense. Controlled exercise then allows early return to participation of sport. Physical therapy [...]