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WNST Host Picks- Week 4 Recap

October 01, 2008 |

STARTING THIS WEEK… YOU PICK THE WINNING HOST! Thursday, when the picks are posted, add as your comment which host you think will have the best NFL record for the week.  ONE WINNING ENTRY will be drawn at random to receive a gift certificate still to be determined.  Tell your friends. Week 4 Recap Ray […]

Saw The Ravens- ‘Now I’m a Believer’

September 30, 2008 |

Thus sayeth “The Monkees”…  And pardon me for the bad song reference, but Joe Flacco, the offensive line and an increasingly aging Ravens defense all proved themselves to me last night.  And, yes, once again to help out Ravens Fans, I bet on the Steelers.   But don’t cry for me Baltimore(what the hell’s with the […]

WNST On-Air Hosts Best Bets- Week 4

September 26, 2008 |

Andrew Unger takes the plunge and goes with the Steelers over the Ravens.  After losing twice going against them, there’s NO WAY I’m getting fooled again.  Still, to help out Ravens fans, I’ll bet a little something on the Steelers just to guarantee the Ravens a win.  No real consensus plays this week althugh there’s […]

WNST On-Air Hosts Pickem- Week 3

September 23, 2008 |

Ken Zalis, Drew Forrester and Ray Bachman all go 4-1…  Andrew Unger?  Not so much.  NEAL SHAFFER 2-3 (-2) 8-7 (0) 1. Buffalo (Best Bet) L 2. Tennessee W 3. San Francisco W 4. New England L 5. Carolina L   JASON JUBB 3-2 (+2) 9-6 (+4) 1.Tennessee BEST BET W 2. Denver L 3. […]

Scraping Off the Eggs

September 22, 2008 |

  It’s tough to type with yolk in my eye. But, okay, tie me to a tree in Patterson Park and beat me with Jim Leonhard’s cleats. I deserve it. Who the hell am I to say the Ravens won’t beat Cleveland? It’s Cleveland for crying out loud! I’m a cretin. An idiot. A jerk. […]