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WNST On-Air Host NFL Picks of the Week

September 09, 2008 |

Eventually, this will have its own section on the WNST site but here’s your chance to see who various WNST hosts like against the spread.   Track your favorite host and heed his advice closely or, in many cases (if you’re smart) you’ll go the other way.   You can look for consensus plays and find out each […]

‘Annoying, Vile, Needs to Slapped’ Sports Figure

August 29, 2008 |

  THE FIELD OF 64 For those of you who have been following this, I’ve come up with the 64 sports figures who will fight it out in our “Most, Annoying, Vile, Needs to be Slapped Sports Figure” Tournament.  We’ve decided to leave out sports broadcasters and will use them in another tournament in the […]

Greatest Idea for a Tournament EVER

August 26, 2008 |

Okay, maybe that was a little heavy on the hyperbole.   But WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Andrew and I plan to run a tournament called “Most Annoying, Vile, Hated, Needs to Be Punched Sports Figure Of All Time”.  We’re going to seed the top 32 most annoying, vile- well you get the rest- to determine a […]

Orioles On Faster Track Than Ravens

August 20, 2008 |

“Wait until 2010!” appears to be the rallying cry for both the Ravens and Orioles.   But which team is really closer to being a playoff contender? For years, the Ravens have been the dominant team in this city while the O’s have been viewed as a bad joke by most fans.  Things have changed folks. […]

Ravens ‘D’ + Favre= Playoffs

August 06, 2008 |

Go ahead.  Say it.  I’m nuts.  Tell me I’m being deliberately provocative.  Tell me Brett Favre would just be a distraction and he’s over-rated and it’s time to start the Flacco Era.  Call Favre a jerk.  Call him a prima donna. OR… Call him THE BEST QUARTERBACK THE AFC NORTH WOULD HAVE! Yes… better than […]