Why you should attend a Blast game

December 13, 2008 |

I’ll immediately digress from the topic by saying that blogging on the new WNST web site is much more user-friendly and robust than the old site. 

From a fan’s point of view, there are plenty of reasons why you should attend a Baltimore Blast game.  Here are just a few.

It’s a good chance you will see your Baltimore Blast win.  Tonight, your Baltimore Blast were victorious against the upstart Massachusetts Twisters by the score of 27-2 (in “real” goals, it was 13-1).  The home opener was 14-4.

The PA announcers at the Orioles and Ravens game don’t have a personality.  At the Blast game, it’s fun listening to Gary the PA announcer.  He’s serious when necessary, while finding time to inject joy and character when pronouncing the Blast players names.  Gary always outdoes himself when saying Robbieeeee ArissssstoooooDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEmo, or P…J….Wakefield.  Fortunately, there are paramedics on stand-by in case his head explodes while announcing an Aristodemo or Wakefield goal.   

Most nights, they give something away at the gate.  Tonight was team photo night.  Many T-shirts are thrown into the stands during the game.  The next home game on December 20 is kids replica jersey night.

The pregame introductions.

You’ll probably see someone you haven’t seen in awhile.  Tonight, I received a pleasant surprise when a friend from way-back-when stopped by to visit at halftime. 

You will have a decent chance of being shown on the scoreboard.

At halftime, there is usually some good entertainment.  Tonight’s halftime entertainment was the always entertaining Mascot Soccer.  In the past, they have had a jump-rope demonstration that has to be seen to be believed.  My all-time favorite halftime show  – anyone remember “Marvin, the soccer playing dog, brought to you by Marvin’s Sport City”?  I laughed for weeks about that one. 

You may see someone famous.  Tonight, sitting in the stands with Blast owner Ed Hale was Governor Martin O’Malley and his family.  

After the game, players gladly sign autographs, talk with fans, and allow pictures to be taken.  I took my family to the home opener, and it was refreshing to see smiling athletes who stayed until everyone received an autograph and a picture.  Do any other professional athletes do this without expecting monetary compensation? 

When you visit Santa this weekend, ask him to stuff the family Christmas stockings with some Baltimore Blast tickets.